July Giveaway Lightning Round #2

Leave the first comment to win 10 free entries in the iPad Giveaway!


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10 responses to “July Giveaway Lightning Round #2

  1. Marcella Cook

    Hope I’m one of the first 10

  2. Marcella Cook

    I want it really bad. I technically won an iPad from another site, and had the points to prove it, he didn’t count 24 points and I went through a whole months worth of tweets to prove it. He still gave the iPad to a friend who happened to introduce him to another (female) friend who is on his show often…go figure! So, yes I’m trying very hard to win another iPad! If you want more details email me!

  3. Sheryl

    I’m commenting.
    Following & tweeting as @textiff

  4. alli

    Commenting… but not particularly hopeful!

  5. Mike

    I would love to win this!

  6. Pat

    commenting, count me in

  7. A P

    Too bad, I’m going to have to change my sleep schedule to get these lightning rounds. Congrats Marcella!

  8. Ravzie

    Could I be in??? Looks like#10.

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