Colin Powell Endorsing Barack Obama

It’s official.  Colin Powell is endorsing Barack Obama.  While I’m not suprised by this, I just have one question: Why now?  Does he feel that Barack needed the extra boost with most polls now indicating the lead he has is shrinking?  Whatever it may be, I don’t think this will have much influence on the election.  I mean sure people like him, but I just don’t see any conservatives voting Obama because Colin Powell is.  And the independents that still haven’t made up their minds at this point obviously aren’t easily swayed one way or another, so I can’t see this being a deciding factor for anyone.  But what do you think?  Please vote in our poll below on what effect, if any, Colin Powell’s announcement will have on the race.



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8 responses to “Colin Powell Endorsing Barack Obama

  1. A P

    It’s funny too look back on the election and see issues that came up like people’s support for one candidate or another. I mean this wasn’t a Florida recount election or anything, so it looks like removing a supporter or two wouldn’t really have changed anything this time around.

  2. Doreen Riopel

    I don’t think Colin Powell’s support made a difference but it is interesting to look back.

  3. Erika M

    Your post was quite interesting!

  4. Well … now the election is over, it’s hard to say whether CP endorsement had any affect … but I would say that few people were impressed with his endorsement. I also questioned his timing.

  5. well nevermind its politics

  6. sal williams

    I am sure black voters and Powell supporters paid more attention and consequently gave money after Powell’s endorsement brought Obama to their attention

  7. Yeah, reading this post brings back memoires of the ’08 election. I really don’t think the endorsement had any impact on the outcome though.

  8. simplydab

    I think Colin Powell’s endorsement made a difference to some people, as he’s well-respected (regardless of black/white, conservative/moderate/liberal) and some people look at him as a leader.

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