Is Obama’s Lead Narrowing?

According to latest Fox/Rasmussen Poll (I put the most stock in these), McCain is now leading in Florida by 1 point and Ohio by 2 points.  Could he finally be taking the two key states back?  I think that everyone understands that he has got to win those if he plans to win this election, unless of course he wins Pennsylvania, which I haven’t counted out of the race yet.  I figured the race what probably tighten, but I thought it would be a bit closer to election day.  If he keeps this up, I won’t have to be quite as up tight on the days leading up to November 4th.  And while I know Barack is still ahead in Virginia according to just about every poll there is, I just don’t think it’s possible that he’ll win it.  That’s generally a very conservative state and it’s tough for me to stomach that they will be one of the deciding factors on whether or not the 1st and 3rd most liberal people in the senate will be in the White House.  It simply doesn’t add up.

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