Today in the Polls

Well it’s about time!  Today was John McCain’s day in the polls.  Today RCP National average shows Barack with a 6 point lead.  This is extremely close when it comes to polling numbers.  However, the latest Rasmussen poll says it’s even closer, with a mere 3 point Obama lead.  The RCP Average is inflated though, due to the latest Pew Research poll showing Obama with a 15 point lead.  I think things are looking up for us conservatives. TCJ Average- 4 points Obama

State Polls

Colorado- RCP Average showing a 7.4 lead for Obama.  However, the latest Rasmussen polls shows only a 4 point lead Obama.  This is down from yesterday’s number of 5 points lead for Obama.  I don’t really know what to expect on this one.  It’s truly a toss-up.  TCJ Average- 4.5 Obama

Florida-  Not really liking today’s update, although it isn’t terrible.  A 3.5 point lead for Obama according to the RCP Average.  I would still like to point out that the usually left-tilting Zogby poll has the race tied. TCJ Average- 2.5 points Obama

Missouri-  This is a bright spot.  RCP Average has a tiny 0.2 point lead for Obama, pretty much a tie.  The latest poll actually has McCain up by 2.  And get this, that’s a TIME MAGAZINE poll.  This leads me to believe McCain is up by more than just 2. TCJ Average- 2 points McCain

Nevada- This is a weird one.  I find it very hard to believe that in the course of one day McCain dropped 4 points in the RCP average.  This one is weird, so I really can’t say much about it.

New Hampshire- Also really weird.  Some unknown poll that I have certainly never heard of has Obama up by 24 points.  That is ridiculous.  Anyway, the latest Rasmussen has a 4 point race in Obama’s favor, which is extremely close.

New Mexico- We’ve finally got some new data, but I don’t really like what it says.  Good news is, the RCP Average is showing Obama’s lead down to 7 points.  The bad news is the latest Rasmussen shows Obama up 10 points.  Not much to work with here so no TCJ Average.

North Carolina-  Obama’s lead has dropped down to 1.3 points.  The latest Rasmussen poll actually has McCain up by 1.  I think things are finally turning around in North Carolina.  TCJ Average- 1 point McCain

Ohio- RCP Average at 5.8 points Obama.  I don’t think he’s got that much of a lead and I do think is still going to take this state.  The latest polls have it about 4 points Obama, that includes the latest Rasmussen.  TCJ Average- 3 points Obama

Pennsylvania- RCP Average showing an 11 point lead for Obama.  I think it’s actually much closer here.  This state is where my confidence comes from.  Clearly, the internal polls for both campaigns are showing it’s a close race.  If not, why are they both investing so much time and money into it?  This leads me to believe that all the states are closer than the public polls are letting on.  But anyway, the latest Rasmussen shows a 7 point lead for Obama.  TCJ Average- 8 points Obama

Virginia- RCP Average down to 7.6 points in favor of Obama.  The latest Rasmussen shows a 4 point Obama lead.  I really can’t see this state going democrat in this election.  TCJ Average- 5 points Obama

That’s all in today’s polls!  Thanks for reading!  Like I said, if there any states you want to add to the daily update just let me know.


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2 responses to “Today in the Polls

  1. Well I started out watching then I become bored to tears so I shut it off.

    Great job on the fact check! And by the way I appreciate you putting us on your blogroll!

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