McCain’s SNL Appearance

I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I thought it was great.  I was also extremely suprised they would put him on the show this close to the election instead of Obama.  I mean I know they weren’t like promoting him, but any coverage at the end of the election is beneficial in my eyes.  He seemed really comfortable on the show and worked very well with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  He poked fun at his maverick image (saying he may resort to the “reverse maverick” or possibly even the “double maverick” if he current strategy fails.).  Tina Fey said she was “going rogue” by selling “Palin 2012” shirts secretly during the segment.  The general premise was that the McCain campaign could only afford airtime on QVC, so they sold McCain themed collectables throughout the segment.  I give the clips 5 stars.  They are totally worth a watch!



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