Things Are Looking Up!

I’ve thought McCain was going to win since he picked Sarah Palin as his V.P.  And while I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts at some points between then and now, I have been confident the American people would deliver.  Let’s take a look at what’s going McCain’s way in the closing days:

The latest solid voter findings are in, and they look good for McCain.  American’s living in Israel voted and McCain won in a landslide; 76% to 24%!  Now I know this is not a huge amount of voters, but the obvious benefit is that the American Jewish population will love this if they do see it (they’ll have to watch FOX, no one else is going to report this much), and they make up a decent portion of voters in Florida, which is a key state.  But the more subtle benefits are even greater:  46% of registered democrats living in Israel say they voted for McCain, while only 2% of registered conservatives voted for Obama.  If this trend holds true on Tuesday, we could see McCain take this election by a larger margin than anyone would have predicted.

Barack is campaigning in Iowa.  This is substantial because the latest polls are giving him a double digit lead.  Now obviously his internal polls are showing something different, because common sense would say that if you are leading by double digits why on earth would you spend time in a state 2 days before an election?  On top of that, the McCain campaign has said that its a “dead tie” in Iowa.

Pennsylvania.  The latest, most reliable public polls are showing a mere 4 point lead for Barack.  This coming after he had double digit leads as recently as a week ago, according to those same polls.  I can’t imagine what the internal polls are now saying for this one.  I standby the statement I made a week or two ago that McCain will win Pennsylvania.

The latest Zogby poll actually puts McCain AHEAD by 1 point.  I know that a one point lead is not much, but it’s something.  It just shows that McCain is truly gaining ground nationally.  Especially considering that same poll has had Obama ahead by double digits in the past two weeks.

These are just a few of the highlights of the last few days.  Hopefully this trend will continue and I’ll have some more things to be happy about real soon!



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4 responses to “Things Are Looking Up!

  1. sfokc6125

    Wake up . Obama is only out for Obama. We dont vote for an anti Americans. Obama is an ANTI AMERICAN COMMUNIST SELL OUT. He wants ALL African Americans to believe you are the underclass.When you apply for a home loan do the banks care about the color of your skin? NO they only care on how much you can get a loan for, This is based on your credit score. I know I refinanced my home and the company that got it done NEVER SAW ME ALL BY PHONE AND FAX. Dont let him put this GREAT NATION DOWN .WE ARE AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE. NOT ANYONE COLOR OR RACE. NOT ANYONE RELIGION . BUT ONE AMERICA.

    You DONT RAISE TAXES WHEN THE DOLLAR IS DOWN . YOU DONT CUT THE FUNDS TO THE ARMED SERVICES WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BATTLE FIELD. And that is what he wants . Seeing he has never put his life in the line of fire saying I WILL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH MY LIFE. THAT IS WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT IS . He wants to give the hard working AMERICANS MONEY TO THOSE THAT WANT TO SAY I JUST CANT DO IT. BLACK OR WHITE . WE ALL WORK HARD AND WE ALL PAY OUR TAXES. ITS NOT RACE ITS HOW HARD YOU WORK. He see him self as a new JFK. Thats odd Ask not what your country can do for you , But what you can do for your country. That means smaller government less pointless programs less taxes. More accountability to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That is John McCains plan. Less in taxes less in Government spending . MORE POWER TO THE COUNRTY. WAKE UP LOOK WHAT THE CRAP THE ANTI AMERICAN IS SELLING.

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  3. I agree with the majority of your post, and you are EXACTLY right when you say that you taxes should never be raised when we’re in a recession and the dollar is down. If you want to force your economy into a depression, then go on and raise taxes. The solution to a recession is actually lower taxes as well as lowering spending.

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