Well Look On the Bright Side..

The Democrats did not achieve the super majority in the senate!  There is still hope for us.  The Republican senators we do have are going to have to step it up and fight all of the liberal legislation that is no doubt going to come rolling through.  While the Republicans didn’t gain any new seats, they came pretty close in Louisiana.  I thought for a while we would get that one, but it broke for the incumbent democrat in the end.
Also worth noting:  California reversed it’s position on gay marriage.  The vote was extremely close, but in the end marriage was voted on to be defined as between a man and a woman.  This was a shocker to me.


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2 responses to “Well Look On the Bright Side..

  1. krissmith777

    There is still a bright side.

    I actually have proof that the election is NOT a mandate to take America to the left.

    Ideologically, we are where we have been in 2004. America is just as conservative as it was four years ago.

    The Democrats only won because of frustration at those in power for the last eight years.


  2. Wow those are encouraging statistics! Great article. I agree, the poor performance from George Bush over the past years has left even the conservatives wanting Obama’s (unknown) “change”. I didn’t ever think the Bush years would change American’s views, but I did expect the years following would be marked by his errors. The circumstances surrounding this election made it nearly impossible for anyone with an (R) by their name to win. But we’ll recover! Thanks for commenting!

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