Getting to Know the Administration: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

As we all know, Rahm Emanuel has been chosen as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff.  But just who is this guy?  This is the first part in a series that help you get to know each person that makes their way into the Obama administration.

Rahm Emanuel was appointed as Bill Clinton’s director of the finance committee during his 1992 run.  He was a key part in getting fundraising events scheduled for then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton.  Upon Clinton’s victory, he bacame one of his senior advisors.  He was a key part in orchastrating the Clintons’ universal healthcare attempts in the early years, which we all know were massive disasters (more reason why Obama SHOULD NOT even attempt his.).  After the Clinton Presidency, he ran for House in Chicago successfully, and stayed in that position until he was selected by Obama as chief of staff.

His attitude has earned the nickname “Rahm-bo” through the years (It’s rumored that he once mailed rotting fish to a coworker that he had parted ways with) , and is very liberal.  His voting record is 100% pro-choice (meh.) and he takes the liberal route on just about all social issues.

I don’t like the guy.  If Obama plans to “govern from the center”, his staff is going to need to be a little more centrist, or at least more center-left.  Let’s take a look:  So far we have Barack Obama (most liberal senator in the U.S.), Joe Biden (3rd most liberal senator in the U.S.), and Rahm Emanuel (a hard left liberal who mails rotting fish to people, and is a strong supporter of universal healthcare.  The same thing that failed miserably in the early Clinton years.).  Hopefully the next few appointed will be a bit more moderate!


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