Video of the Day: Here’s a “Shocker”

This is ridiculous.  Watch this and then someone please tell me how he became our president.

Any comments or e-mail responses are much appreciated.  Remember, if you fire off a good e-mail it may be featured on the site!

And a special thanks to krissmith777 for originally posting.  Check out his blog here.



Filed under Barack Obama, Election 2008, Politics, Video of the Day

2 responses to “Video of the Day: Here’s a “Shocker”

  1. krissmith777

    Hey, thanks for linking to me. 🙂

  2. No problem! You’ve helped me out a lot with putting me on your blogroll, (I actually get several incoming links from your site daily) so I figured I’d do my part. It’s hard to get a new blog going when there are thousands covering the same topic!

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