We’re Back!

Hello everyone, I am please to announce that I’m back from my longer than expected break, and will be posting regularly as before.  I’ve got big plans for this site for the new year, and would greatly appreciate everyone spreading the word about this site and getting everything going once again.  Of course I’ll be covering the usual things: the latest political news with my conservative viewpoint, as well political features.  I’d like to remind anyone reading this to check out the ‘About’ page and try out all of the oppurtunities for guest posting.  Just to refresh; anyone that would like to send in an original article, story, or question for The Conservative Journal can send their e-mails to theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  If they are really good they might just be featured on the site!  Just be sure to include whatever name or nickname you’d like to go along with the article.  I appreciate everyone that reads the articles and leaves comments and hope you check in often!

Thanks for reading!


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