Global Warming: Dang, You Fooled Us

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The global warming epidemic that is apparently going to cause our demise very shortly, unless we learn to harness the air as a fuel source of course, has apparently been on a hiatus the past few weeks as record cold has settled in across the enitre nation, as well as overseas.  The state of Kentucky is virtually shut down due to the extreme weather that has pounded on the state for days now.  Just two months ago, southern Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas experienced up to 8 inches of snow.  (Looks like to me the only “global warming” is occurring in the Oval Office).  Sound a little strange to you that while the liberal/eco-junkie population are preaching of imenant environmental meltdown the country is experiencing one of it’s coldest years on record?  It should, and you aren’t alone.  But of course with the rush of frigid air comes the wave of ridiculous claims by the left.  These range from, “Duh, we said it was going to get colder first” too “It’s the kids’ fault!”, all of which make no sense.  The very principal that people have the power to control one of the powerful things in the world, the environment, is ridiculous, but that’s another story for another day.

So what do you think of all this?  What do you expect the next excuse for the cold weather will be?  How much longer can Al Gore act oblivious to the cold weather?  Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to and it may featured on the site!

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4 responses to “Global Warming: Dang, You Fooled Us

  1. Daryl

    I’d like to take a minute to shed some light on the science here because all too often conservatives come across as ignorant about climatology and the focus of science’s shortcoming should be on a shortage proof of human involvement in an inarguable global warming trend.
    While there is much to debate about global warming (especially whether it is in fact caused by humans), the fact that global warming, no matter what causes it, will result in initial cooling is not in question. The reason that an overall trend of global warming creates cold spots and erratic cold and warm seasons of varying extreme is that as the poles get warmer sea ice melts, changing the temperature and directions of currents that flow beneath the surface of the ocean. The easiest way to visualize this is with a map of the globe but for every major cold or warm current on the ocean’s surface there is a reciprocal current flowing in the opposite direction of the opposite temperature inclination under the surface. Remember that heat energy flows from areas of high heat to areas of low heat, always. Hence, the Gulf Stream takes warm water from the Caribbean to the North Sea, warming the East Coast of the U.S. and the West Coast of Britain. When it gets to the North Sea the heat energy is exhausted being absorbed by the sea ice and the undercurrent returning to equatorial waters is frigid cold. When the cold current gets back to the equator, water that is warmed by summer sunlight year round heats the undercurrent, forcing it to rise back to the surface. The warm surface water then circulates back to the poles. This is a water-heat cycle that has been balanced and consistent from ice age to ice age. As sea ice is melted by warmer air, initially an influx of now just above freezing cold water is added to the current system, cooling water at lower latitudes, which of course cools some weather systems above them. Eventually, as the initial melting of sea ice slows due to a lack of ice volume left to melt, cooling of traditionally warm places at temperate latitudes will stop very suddenly. Coincidentally, much of what used to be warm and temperate will then be under water, as melted sea ice not only will, but is, raising sea levels in an exponential fashion. The oceans at that point, with the extreme temperature differential between equatorial waters and polar waters tempered, will have stagnated currents that result in stagnated winds. Those winds will no longer be carried by temperature differential inland, resulting in continental hot and cold zones with markedly dry air. Air that is far from the sea will become either extremely cold in the north (i.e. above 30 degrees) or extremely hot (like tin foil in the Mojave anywhere south of 30 degrees)but always dry because moist air will not be carried inland by sufficient temperature differential. After the warm air and water from the equator fails to reach the poles for a year or two, freezing will then reoccur for a very long time and the hot and cold zones of the earth will have to find a new balance. Eventually (read several hundred or thousand years) the currents will be restored to a similar annually cyclical state like the one we know today. This is a cycle that has occured many times in the history of the Earth. It is not known with certainty whether or not human activity is actually speeding up the process, but that certainly is possible or even likely. Science has not proven indisputably that human behavior is causing global warming, but the documentation of a general trend of global warming and basic hypotheses about the consequences of that trend are backed by thousands of years of supporting evidence. This will happen (more than once) as it has happened in the past (more than once). Arguing that global warming does not exist furthers the misconception that conservatives are ignorant and out of touch. We should focus on the real issue of debate, human activity and its real or misperceived consequences.

  2. While I appreciate the explanation of what exactly the liberal scientists claim is happening, I have to make this point: Before this unseasonably cold weather, when it was allegedly warmer, Al Gore and his gang talked about how recent years “were the warmest on record ever” (which we all know was disproved), and that we would soon drown due to polar ice cap melting. Clearly, that never happened and now its one of the coldest winters on record. So now, is he just switching to theory 2? I mean how many theories, sub-theories, and branch-off-theories can you have and remain viable? To summarize what I’m saying, they may now be saying that the very cold weather comes first, but 8 months ago the hot weather was setting in and preparing to turn the world into the Sahara without any mention of initial freezing temperatures. Al needs settle up and get everything lined up before he starts preaching the propaganda.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. jemartynowski

    The problem, to me, isn’t whether the temperature changes in big ways over the years, it’s the assertion that it is man-made. If you take Al Gore’s own charts that compare the CO2 and weather, he laughs at how obvious it is that when CO2 rises, temperature does. Except that he misses the fact that the CO2 levels go up AFTER the temperature. Historically, then, it looks like it is the other way around. Plus, our contribution to global Carbon emissions is so miniscule, it couldn’t possibly do much to the climate.

  4. Very, very true. Personally, I don’t buy into the temperature increases at all. So that’s their first shortfall in the little global warming conspiracy, just that the temperature hasn’t really increased. However, for the people that do buy into the temperature increase, they should read your above post because it’s spot on. Eventually though, I do think people will stop buying into the hype.

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