Here’s an Idea: Let’s Ban Stimulus!

Soooo, where is the plug for the money waterfall?

Soooo, where is the plug for the money waterfall?

Why on earth does congress even try anymore?  They have proven one hundred times over that they are simply not compable of being compitent or rational.  The majority are also not able to resist the temptation to slip in their little “extras”, ranging from subsidies for struggling artists to millions for a boat to break up “dangerous polar ice”.  So from this day forth, as deemed by me, stimulus packages and discussions regarding stimulus are banned from America.  Thank you.

Now back to reality.  As much as I would love to be able to ban stimulus packages altogether, I simply don’t have the power.  And as I sit here and watch the fearless leader preach his fearmongering and propaganda on C-SPAN, I am becoming increasingly convinced that stimulus nonsense will become commonplace in this country.  And until the next elections, when hopefully Republicans can rebound in congress, the nonsense like polar ice boats and artist subsidies and national parks improvement will more than likely be thrown in there too, all for the benefit of the country of course.  (By the way, check back here in a few days for a special on all the nonsense thrown in the stimulus that apparently will save us from financial ruin!)

So here’s what I say, ban stimulus and instead try what’s proven to work:  tax cuts to EVERYONE, not just the people that don’t pay taxes at all. (No, I’m not referring to Democrats, here I’m actually talking about the people that aren’t supposed to pay taxes.)  A quick look back at history shows that these kinds of tax cuts work.  Early 1980s saw record unemployment and a recession.  Solution?  Tax cuts.  Result?  Out of recession and into some of the most prosperous years the United States has seen in recent memory.  Why on earth the Democrats in congress don’t even want to consider this blows my mind.  The only thing I can come up with is the simple fact that they apparently pay no taxes, so a tax cut wouldn’t benefit them at all.  So I encourage everyone to e-mail or write to your congressmen and women and encourage them to vote against this and future stimulus packages.  Let them know that there are tons of us out here that would rather keep our money off the bat than have the great government collect it then redistribute it at there liking!

So what do you think of the stimulus?  Are you as stunned as I am at the lack of cooperation in congress?  Or how about there ignorance to the fact that we actually don’t want to pay for the polar ice boat?  Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail.  If it’s good we just might feature it on the site!

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5 responses to “Here’s an Idea: Let’s Ban Stimulus!

  1. My suggestion: Break up the banks! Do not let any institutions become too big to fail. Then we’re not left with these lose-lose scenarios. Detailed here:

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  3. Good idea! When a company can be called too big to fail, the company is clearly relied on too heavily.

    Thanks for commenting! And I like the site, has a nice variety of information.


  4. This “stimulus package” is a bunch of BS. You are right with the Tax Cuts needed instead of the WELFARE normally given out to most who don’t even pay taxes.

    Most elected officials will never learn to listen to the everyday American like you and I. They feel they have enough power and are confident that their colleagues will do them favors in return for support.

    Then one of the GOP traitors Sen. Arlen Specter allowed his voicemail box to fill up and stay that way all weekend, and then when I tried again this evening after work, it was set up to go to the Main Senate switchboard instead of a message box. So not only does he do as he pleases he has NO intentions of listening to what his constituents have to say.

    God Bless,
    The Truth Tracker

  5. You’re exactly right. And until Congress realizes that they aren’t all-knowing we will continue to have to settle for this type of nonsense. I know there is nothing we can do to fix this, but I wish the people in Congress would make decisions based on what’s best, not what will get them re-elected. I think a lot of them would be surprised that not contributing to the pork in the stimulus would probably help them more than getting nonsense projects for their constituents. I mean for me, I would vote for a candidate that actually stood up and faught against using taxpayer dollars for pet-projects before someone who would in a heartbeat. There aren’t enough Senators and Representatives that will do that.

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