Where Did the People of D.C. Misplace Their Morals?

Soo, which wise guy slipped the healthcare in?

Soo, which wise guy slipped the healthcare in?

I must say, the senators in Washington reached a new low today.  And I do hate to lump them all together because I’m sure there are a few good senators (definitely a few Republicans.  Haha) that are not this crooked, but the bad apples have spoiled the bunch from an everyday American’s viewpoint.  But anyway, my recent frustration stems from the nonsense packed into the pork barrel (my name of choice for the “stimulus package”).  This time, however, I am not talking about any actual spending projects or subsidies, but something regarding healthcare.  “What?”, you may ask, “What does healthcare have to do with the pork barrel?”.  Well let me just tell you:  The senators, being the sly foxes that they are, slipped several heath provisions into the pork barrel.  And of course you ask again, “Well why would they do that?”.  Well number 1, they are more corrupt than the entire state of Illinois; and secondly, because if they do that the senate won’t debate over it, and it will quietly pass into law.  Yes America, that is what we are dealing with in Congress.  Before we even get into the complete lack of ethics in doing this, I would like to ask how this is even legal?  Shouldn’t things such as important as a healthcare be fully discussed and debated in the senate?  Uhh…. yeah.  And not only that, but shouldn’t the items in the stimulus package, I don’t know, actually be related to stimulating the economy?!  One provision was mandating the use of electronic medical records.  Alright, that’s ok, but what on this great earth is that going to do to stimulate the economy?  I know!  About as much the stimulus is going to do:  Nothing.  Honestly, I couldn’t care less whether or not we use electronic medical records, but come on senators, let’s be honest and transparent (Obama’s word of the week) and not sneak things into 5,000,000 page bills, okay?  I think we’d all be a little better off.

So what do you think about this injustice to the country?  Shouldn’t things like healthcare provisions be included in something like a, uhh, healthcare bill?  I encourage you to e-mail your senator today and let him know just how wrong this is.

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6 responses to “Where Did the People of D.C. Misplace Their Morals?

  1. Sneaking crap into a bill is routine for Washington-and any of the other local governments as well. In this case, people voted for change. Instead they got “business as usual we can believe in”

  2. Well, you’d think something as important as healthcare wouldn’t be thrown in too. I’m used to all the pork and nonsense though. Exactly. I have not seen any positive change in anything so far, or any signs of change to come.

  3. I think the justification for the e-health records is that it will cut costs, allowing more money to flow through the economy as well as creating jobs b/c converting the records will be a huge job.

  4. I’m not against e-health records, I see no problem in those. I was referring to the “comparative effectiveness research” funds (1.1 billion, which is three times its current budget.) that is slipped in as well. You see, in my conspiratory mind (and knowing how the Dems in power are) I believe this is laying the groundwork for a socialized (or at least somewhat) health care system. We’ll see how it all plays out though.

  5. You may be right. I see this stimulus bill as generally good with a bit of democratic party crap thrown in. If it works, it’s all good. If not, the democrats better enjoy these two years in power because it’ll be their last.

  6. Well, the idea of a TRUE STIMULUS (which we have yet to see, and probably never will) would more than likely work. However, the Democratic members of congress(and a few R.I.N.O.s I’m sure) cannot resist throwing in pet projects. I don’t think it’s going to work in the least bit, but I hope I am wrong. I think your exactly right. In two years the Dems in congress need to bring their moving box with them the day of the mid-terms if this doesn’t help.

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