Glenn Beck ROASTS a Communist on Live TV!

Dont mess with Glenn.  Especially if youre an uninformed Commie.

Don't mess with Glenn. Especially if you're an uninformed Commie.

Today I was watching my favorite news show, The Glenn Beck Program, when he announced that the chairmen of the Communist Pary USA would be on the show.  When I first heard this I was a little confused as to why a member of the Communist Party USA deserved an interview spot, but as soon as the interview began I knew exactly what was going down.  For those that didn’t already realize the ludacricy of the Communist Party, the interviewee cleared the water indefinitely.  The man, Sam Webb, came across as a complete whack job during the interview and probably scared off a few interested Comrade Converts.  When Glenn asked him to name one successful communist nation, he stumbled a bit and never answered the question.  Instead, he said that communist nations never killed thousands of people?  What?  Is this a joke?  No, unfortunately this dude is sincere.  He then tells Glenn that Hitler was the result of a capitalist nation, resulting in Glenn’s funny quip about Mr. Webb’s obvious use of Wikipedia.  Of course, most know that the Nazis were Socialist/Nationalists.  Watch the entire knee-slapper of an interview below.

Watch the interview here. (Sorry, I couldn’t get the clip to embed on the page.  It’s definitely worth the click though.)

What do you think about all this?  How absurd does this man come across to you?  Let your voice be heard by posting a comment below.  Thanks for reading!



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  2. I am happy that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the game interesting once more.

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