I Had an Inspiring Dream Last Night

Everyone needs to be the yellow smiley.

Everyone needs to be the yellow smiley.

As most everyone knows (if not, crawl out from under that rock.), the stock market is quite low right now and the economy is crap.  However, last night I had a dream that lifted my spirits a little bit.  In my dream, I was at my parents house watching FBN (Fox Business News) with my dad.  In the dream, the news anchor was visibly ecstatic over the most recent developments.  Turns out, the market was making a massive recovery and it was playing our right before all of America.  It was just noon and the market had rebounded 500 points since the opening bell, with no signs of slowing up.  Everyone was, understandably, thrilled over this news.  That is about all I can remember, but regardless of the vagueness of the dream, it certainly put things in perspective for me.  Even though times are tough now, good times will return.  Now, in no way am I downplaying the severity of our current situation.  It’s bad, and I consider myself to be one of the least affected.  I feel for the families that are losing so much (well, I feel for the one’s that were living within their means.  To the one’s that weren’t and charged up credit cards to the 6 digits so they could drive a Beemer: this mess is partially your fault.).  But no one should lose hope.  And by that I mean, in four years we have a chance to fix thies mess.  The current administration is leading us in the completely wrong direction with the economic crisis.  However, once again, great times are coming once we got out of this.  Look back at past recessions, coming off of those are some of the most prosperous years we’ve experienced.  So to everyone having a rough time now, stay optimistic!  Be as content as you can now because everything WILL get better.

Hope I’ve encouraged at least one person.  Leave a comment it below and let us hear how feel.

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