Megan McCain Disses Ann Coulter

I have a feeling I know who'd win this rumble.

I have a feeling I know who'd win this rumble.

John McCain’s daughter Megan spoke against the wonderful Ann Coulter calling her “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time”.  She also said that extremist like Ann were turning her off from the GOP, so they must be turning off more than just her.  She then said that she only appeals to radical conservatives, who she claims are dying off.  I’m sorry, but I thought the hard-core conservatives were having a comeback?  Maybe Megan doesn’t agree.  She’s a lovely young lady, but I imagine things like this are the reason she can’t get a date.  I think Megan needs to understand that every group has that iconic figurehead that’s “on the fringe”.  It’s just the way it goes, and there is no point wasting air complaining about it.  That point aside, why complain about Ann Coulter?  I mean, the girl’s got skills.  She can debate with the best of ’em and she’s brilliant.  I can think of several so-called “radical figureheads” to complain about other than Ann.  Sean Hannity, anyone?  And as for her comments that Ann Coulter is turning people  away from the party?  I find zero truth in that, but let’s juts say if it is true, the liberal nuts such as Keith Olbermann and everyone at the Daily Kos must be turning would-be liberals away in droves.  I think we would actually benefit from more people like Ann Coulter that say what they mean and mean what they say.  There’s no point in watering anything down, and what you hear from Coulter is about as strong and bold as you can get it.  More power to you Ann!  And for Megan:  Don’t take yourself too seriously, that’s America’s downfall.

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