Suspect #1: Nancy Pelosi

Hmmm, could the senile sea hag have edited the page?

Hmmm, could the senile sea hag have edited the page?

No surprise here; everyone knows Princess Pelosi has a huge crush on Barack.  But is it enough to swoop in and fix his Wikipedia page?  We believe we have information that proves she did.

The Evidence

With Pelosi’s military jet use, she could have easily edited the entry on the go.  Not only that, but Pelosi is a rabid Obama fan and an ardent liberal.  Having Obama’s association with his pastor in the publica eye will not due for her.  Crazy-eyes Pelosi also clearly has a lot of downtime, as evidenced by her excessive cheerfulness and clapping at Obama’s address to the nation.  So, clearly, Pelosi had plenty of time to edit the entry, as well as the resources and the motive.


Pelosi is hundreds of years old, she’s senile, and probably doesn’t know how to even access the internet.  Creating a Wikipedia account and then editing the entry would have been a great challenge for her, and then probably caused an aneurysm in the process.  This may serve to eliminate a suspect that seemed so promising in the beginning.  I mean, how many of you were suspecting it was Pelosi the whole time?

Although Pelosi certainly has the motive to comit such a herioc act, the fact that she was born pre-electricity casts doubt on her ability to even use the internet, much less edit a Wikipedia entry.  I personally do not believe it was her, but you will have the final say in the vote that will occur next week.  We’ll have to see how the other’s stack up.

Thanks for reading and participating in this nonsense!


**For those that have know clue what this is, click here for the original article with the details of WikiGate project.


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6 responses to “Suspect #1: Nancy Pelosi

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  4. This is pretty humerous considering that any conservative change is IMMEDIATELY deleted.

    Sarah Palin’s page is also on injured reserve…only probably for the exact opposite reason.

    • Oh of course! But a change we would make would be in direct violation of the “Keep the President Perfect” initiative.

      Oh gosh, I imagine it’s been through the wringer. At least Barack’s information was true! Presidents can’t have shady pasts and expect everyone to just ignore it. Although, MSNBC and CNN seem to doing a great job of doing just that. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and making a return visit! Hope to see you back.


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