Poll of the Day: What Do You Think About Laura Ingraham’s Comments?

Meghan McCain has had a rough time lately; first after she criticized Ann Coulter and now with Laura Ingraham commenting on her weight.  What do you think about Laura Ingraham’s comments?  Vote in today’s poll and see where the majority of The Conservative Journal readers stand ont he issue. (If your not familiar with the story, click here to read the main article.)

And sorry there was no poll yesterday, I was having internet trouble and couldn’t access the site!  Sorry again for the inconvenience!


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4 responses to “Poll of the Day: What Do You Think About Laura Ingraham’s Comments?

  1. llabesab

    I wonder how many RINO’s responded; you know, “Republicans In Name Only?”

    Everyone knows, especially the American Pshyciatric Association, that John McCain lost his marbles in that Viet Cong prison. Who wouldn’t after 5 years od daily torture, deprivation and isolation.

    But Meghan McCain is the perfect study for the oft advanced theory that like Genetic Traits, Environmental Traits are also passed on. Which is why every Smithy’s son also has strong arms.

    The new “Synonym” for “Loser”; Meghan McCain.

    She can’t get a date? Who likes a fat, and I mean dumb, fat blond? Where has she been? Did she suddenly get the urge to do “talk shows?”

    Does she require a steel chair. I sure wouldn’t sit her in a Louis 16th. Has she really been banned from the Aspen T-Bars??

  2. I don’t know, but I do know that I’m a true conservative and I voted that Laura’s comments were out of line. I’m a Laura fan, but she could at least attack her for something that matters.

    What has she done to make you think she is crazy? I think her Ann Coulter comments about making the party more centrist were absurd, but I don’t think she’s crazy.

    As I’ve said numerous times here, I’m not a fan of Meghan McCain; however, there is no need to make rude comments about her weight when there are plenty of things to criticize about her; like her RINOness for instance. So back off her weight and stick to the politics, at least on this site.

    Thanks again for commenting! I’m not trying to be disagreeable, I’m just giving my views on the matter. Hope you make many trips back.


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