What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?

So shes not a zero, she looks fine!

So she's not a zero, she looks fine!

Meghan McCain has hit a spot of rough luck as of late.  It all began with her comments about Ann Coulter, which angered many conesrvatives, in which she stated that she described using several negative adjectives.  And while I wasn’t angry at Meghan over this incident, I didn’t think it was a very smart thing to do.  It’s not really good PR for someone that is just now trying to make a name for herself in the political world to diss someone that is an established member of the conservative media.  Anyway, apparently those comments upset a lot of people more than they should have, including well established conservative pundit Laura Ingraham.  I’m a big Laura fan, but this was a bit extreme.  On her radio show she made fun of McCain, labeling her a “valley girl”, among other things.  Those comments, in my opinion, are completely within reason and I see no problem in them.  HOWEVER, Ingraham went on to criticize McCain for her weight, saying she wouldn’t get a spot on MTV’s The Real World because they don’t like plus size models.  (Huh?  Is this really Laura Ingraham?)  Let me just say that I’m not a guy that gets offended or gets hurt feelings very easily, and I have a high tolerance for most things.  I take everything in a light-hearted manner and just laugh at everything.  This, however, is a bit ridiculous.  So Meghan isn’t the skinniest girl in world, she sure isn’t the biggest.  She’s a lovely girl who happens to not be a zero; yes, that is possible.  Now I’m all about criticism, and I think Meghan deserves her fair share over the Ann Coulter debacle (Whether you like Ann or not, you’ve  got to admit Meghan was a bit out of line), but not criticism about a 25 year old girl’s weight.  So shame on you Laura, I expected better from you!

What do you think about Laura Ingraham’s comments?  Was she completely out of line or within reason?  Write a comment below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com and let your opinion be heard!  If your comments are good they may be featured on the home page.

**Further reading from The Conservative Journal on Meghan McCain**

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25 responses to “What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?

  1. sauerkraut

    Meghan has cojones to take on the GOP mean girls. Good for her. Time for some guts and honesty to re-appear within the republican national party scene. As for Laura, I don’t have much use for her. The drunks down at the corner provide more entertainment than she does, and better political commentary. Unlike Laura, they’ve earned the right to spew gibberish thru service to their country.

  2. I’ll give her that, but I do think she needs to establish herself a little more as political power before she start suggesting the party become more moderate and dissing well-knowns such as Ann Coulter. Sure, she got the support of the anti-Coulter conservatives, but people like me have a bad first impression of her so far.

    I like Laura, but I don’t get this. Why she would even say that is beyond me.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you come back by again!


  3. llabesab

    What’s everyone’s beef with Megan McCain?

    Did you know that Merriam-Webster just issued a news alert? They are amending their entries to elevate their choice for synonym of the year to”

    “What’s a synonym for Meghan?? “Fat Head”.

    Their second choice was RINO- as in “Republican In Name Only.”

    Third choice was “Dumb Blond.” Fourth choice– Must have been adopted and is really Arlen Sphincter’s daughter.

  4. Out of all of those, the second and fourth choice were the only the ones that fit, and they are pretty accurate. I don’t know if you read the article or not, but that’s basically what it says.
    She’s not fat and certainly not dumb, just not what the Republican Party needs.

    Thanks for commenting! Hope you come back and read often!


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  9. queentaloola

    Needs a bit of snip and tuck on that face- she has a bit of a hog’s arse going on there.

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  11. This Meghan McCain shit reminds me of the current Bristol Palin nonsense with Tyra Banks . . . all for the media.

    • I do think that a lot of the Meghan drama is for media attention, especially since she has starting blogging with The Daily Beast. My understanding is that it’s a fairly new blog network, so I imagine they were looking for hits. However, I think the Tyra Banks interview with Levi was more just ruthless lies. I watched the interview so I could recap it on the site, and I can tell you that most of it came across to me as pure lies. Like Levi claiming he and Bristol shared a room nightly? I find that extremely hard to believe.

      Thanks for commenting and making a return visit! Hope to see you back!


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  13. As a McCain supporter it’s fun to see that same spark that that her father has come through in a new generation and in a new manner.

    • I can agree with that, she certainly does have that spark. You can tell she is really passionate about what she believes. I’m not sure that she is has the political presence down just yet, but she’s still very young.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you stop back by.


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  16. “So shame on you Laura, I expected better from you!”

    Why on earth would you expect better? Laura has made a career out of making fun of people.

    • I’m not really sure. I had always thought that Laura was above that specific kind of personal attack. You know, like she could actually criticize someone without making petty comments about things like weight.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hope to see you again.


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  19. fnxtr

    How can anyone *possibly* think Ms. McCain has a weight problem? Maybe she does, if your idea of the perfect female form is Skeletor.

    Her brief comments on Colbert last night were bang on.

    • I missed the Colbert interview, but I’ll be sure to go look it up. Colbert is one of the few funny comedians out there; even though he’s whole act is making fun of conservatives. Funny is funny, regardless of who it’s aimed at.


  20. shakesbeer

    megan looks good as hell what is wrong with people over critical i no bot any one else but a woman with thick thighs can see me anytime plus size models ain’t nothing wrong with them . .. . must be a black thing . . . . lol

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