Suspect #5: Michael Moore

Like hes got anything better to do than edit Wikipedia.

Like he's got anything better to do than edit Wikipedia.

Perhaps the most disgusting sleeze-bag liberal there is (and there are many) Michael Moore could definitely be the culprit of the WikiGate Conspiracy.  Look at the evidence below and decide for youself:

The Evidence

Regardless of whether or not Michael Moore is a registered Democrat or not, he is as liberal as they come.  Also, he was a “large” (Hehe) supporter of Barack Obama during the campaign, but only because Nader wasn’t running.  We also know that unlike many of the others who are in the running for “Conspirator of WikiGate”, Michael has the most time on his hands.  He just looks like the kind of guy that would lurk around on the internet and read various nonsense on Wikipedia.  Heck, I bet he’s written 96% of all of Wikipedia.  Similarly, now that Bush is out of office he has no one to make a documentary about, and this provides plenty of inspiration for  a riveting little production.  Can’t you just imagine the sleeze doing something secretively just so he can make a documentary about it?  It’s a recession, he’ll take what he can get.


Here’s the kicker:  while his evidence is mostly just assumptions our team of crack investigators made, he doesn’t have an alibi or much evidence against him.  We failed to find one contradictory clue in all of our investigation, which leaves MM on top of our list of possible conspirators.

What do you think of Michael Moore as a suspect?  Will the WikiGate scandal be the subject of one of his straight-to-dvd documentaries?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at with your opinion!  And don’t forget to check back in next week to vote on who you think the conspirator of WikiGate was.

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5 responses to “Suspect #5: Michael Moore

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  3. I’m more interested in the day when Moore will be known as inmate 73027963.

    Even most of his looney buddies are distancing themselves from him.

    • Haha, that will be the day. That’s where he belongs. Gitmo would have been a nice place for him. As far as I’m concerned he’s been more of a national safety threat over the past 8 years than most of the terrorists there.

      Thanks again for visiting!


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