Mail Bag: Barack’s Special Olympics Gaffe

Barack Obama’s Special Olympics gaffe not only sparked outrage around the country, but it sparked many comments and e-mails worthy of this “Mail Bag” special.  I just want to take this time to thank everyone that commented and e-mailed, whether featured on this page or not.  Let’s start with those that agreed with me:

Jax put the comments in perspective for us on the “Barack Obama Reads This Blog” post:

He has hurt many families in America. He needs to say he is sorry in the public, not to an organization.

In addition, someone who claims to have experienced prejudice and stereotypes throughout life, and has written about them in great detail, should be more sensitive and refined from life’s lessons.

Furthermore, Obama claimed he was going to have the world think ‘highly’ of America again. Will this joke help?

For someone who spoke of equality as a creed. Does this joke match that philosophy?

For someone that said he would stand for all people. Does this stand up for those that participate in the special Olympics?

The fact is Obama claimed a higher standard. To much is given, much is required.

Obama has just showed us that ‘yes we can’ destroy what a campaign stands for with a single joke.

During the campaign for the White House in 2008, the media criticized Palin for being ‘common,’ ‘not-polished,’ ‘not-compassionate’ and ‘not presidential.’ However, compare Sarah Palins attitude in this video created three weeks ago for the Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho.

You decide the more ‘presidential’ among them. Watch:

Reaganite Republican, who writes a great conservative blog, left this comment on the same article:

Obama has something seriously wrong with him- what kind of monster mocks the disabled on network television?

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by this gauche and downright cruel comment re. the Special Olympics- no different than his classless cheap-shot on 90-yr-old Nancy Reagan in his first presser- apparently his preferred targets are old ladies and the handicapped… what a creep.

Narcissists like Obama are often callous- and even ruthless. They tend to lack empathy and/or a conscience. This is evident in his lack of interest in his own half-brother who lives in poverty in Kenya, or his aunt found living in public housing in Boston.

Other indicators include control freakery, grandiose self-importance, feeling “above the law”, interpersonally exploitive, inability to handle criticism, lack of empathy, arrogant behavior, surrounds himself with sycophants… sound familiar?

Obama is a mess- and his insecurities, bad childhood, and irresponsible, far-left-wierdo mother are now all OUR problem, too-

Of course, with great postivive comments, there had to be some negative:

kimi33 sent in this e-mail regarding the special olympics comments:

You conservatives just have to have something to criticize, don’t you?  Those who have never made an off-color comment can cast the first stone.  It was just a slip that doesn’t deserve all this unwarranted coverage from “Faux Noise”.  Conservatives keep saying Obama should have been fixing the economy instead of be on Jay Leno, so instead of coverring Jay Leno the conservative media should cover the economy.

Love from the left,


And to you, kimi:  What about when Bush made an off-color remark?  Did you jump on the MSDNC (See, I got funny nicknames too) bandwagon and talk about it for days?  Heck, in the days after Bush did something comparable to this the Clintons could have bombed Canada and would receive no coverage from MSDNC and the majority of media outlets.  The fact is, they can treat it like a non-story all they want, but it doesn’t erase the fact that Barack is a insensitive windbag hypocrit.  Have a great day!

So that wraps up the latest Mail Bag segment for now.  Once again, thanks to all that commented, and if your comment wasn’t featured send in another one on another article!

What was your favorite comment?  Do you think kimi had the same attitude towards John McCain when he couldn’t remember how many houses he had?  Leave your comments below and you may end up in the next Mail Bag!

Thanks for reading!



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17 responses to “Mail Bag: Barack’s Special Olympics Gaffe

  1. oblogdeeoblogda

    Ok Rick you seem like a decent sort – get over it. The man is human – he apologized – big deal – please spend time on the important issues…. i mean we have people suffering in this country because of the stuff up made by your man BUSH and his regime and now you are pinning ObamA fo that? I am saddened, deeply, bty the conservative who are puncing, at the ready – who would rather OBAMA fail – so they could all be “RIGHT” or take the heat off BUSH – even at the expense of your own people – c-mon

    • First off, I’m not harping over anything and there’s nothing to “get over”. Those are guests comments, just to be clear.

      Secondly, I don’t want Obama to fail because then we fail as a country. When I hear people say they want Obama to fail I cringe because essentially they are pulling for their own failure. We are the UNITED States, meaning one.

      Thirdly, I was not a Bush supporter. He was not a true conservative and basically slaughtered the Republican party with his moderateness because said “Oh, he’s from Texas. Texas=Conservative.” False. George Bush is more liberal than he is conservative. There’s no denying he screwed up along the way, but he’s out of office now. Other than asking “kimi” if she pounced on Bush with every oppurtunity (that was a serious question), I haven’t brought him up.

      I’m not trying to shift the blame for Bush’s failures to Obama. That’s stupid and childlike. I don’t even know where you’d get that idea.

      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate you reading and making a return visit. And no this “thanks” isn’t automated, I really do appreciate it.


  2. oblogdeeoblogda

    I apologize for my presumptions – I recently turned to conservative talk radio so I could get a well rounded picture ( I thought) of the financial crisis and heard all this awful stuff and now I take shame in presuming that all conservatives are on board with the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity et al. that said I am an over- reacting liberal – very much to the left on many issues. Please visit my blog site and feel free to disagree…
    I appreciate being put in my place and your politeness, thanks, melanie

    • No problem, we all make mistakes! I hate your talk radio experience went poorly; however, I’ve found that Glenn Beck usually has great coverage of the financial crisis on his FOX News show (Not sure about radio) which comes on at 5 eastern. No, I am not Limbaugh fan at all, and I liked Hannity better when he had the show with Colmes. I stick to O’Reilly and Beck as far as news shows go.

      I’ll be sure to check out the blog! Once again, thanks for reading and commenting! Hope to see you back!


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  4. Barb Lamont

    Remeber Obama and the Don Imus Comment:

    Obama said: “He fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America. The notions that as young African-American women — who I hope will be athletes — that that somehow makes them less beautiful or less important. It was a degrading comment. It’s one that I’m not interested in supporting.”

    Therefore, laughter and the lack of reaction from Obama’s remarks suggest Americans have a set a rules for race, class and gender: If you touch them you will pay.

    And another set of rules for individuals that have a mental or physical disability: If you touch them, it’s ok if you apologize. Oh, and by the way, it’s okay to laugh at the jokes that come at the expense of the latter.

    It is just cruel:

  5. oblogdeeoblogda

    I disagree Barb; let me say this, Imus is back on the air… and all the racially charged “apologees” are carrying on as usual…. fully forgiven and fully forgotten until the next shameful remark when it is all conjured up again. My late motehr used to say – “you are smart if you learn from your mistakes and even more smart if you learn from the mistakes of others.” Maybe now people will learn from the President’s mistake and he nay well have engendered more awareness around these remarks as the pertain to the less-abled community.

  6. I agree with Barb, to a certain extent. I think that comments geared to race, class, and gender are looked upon MUCH more negatively and receive much more negative media coverage. I think it takes much longer to get over these types remarks; for example, Imus was taken off radio for several weeks, I believe? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    Then the other set of comments- those about disabiliti- are still viewed negatively of course, but don’t get quite the barrage of negative media that, say, a racial slur would. And, as you said Barb, a prompt apology helps speed up the process of forgetting.

    Thank you both for commenting and reading! I hope to see the both of you back in the future!


  7. As the parent of a child who could be in Special Olympics, I was extremely insulted that President Obama used my son and those like him as a punchline. Sure, he apologized but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he thought it was OK to use the disabled as a reference point for a joke.

    I know many on the left want to just dismiss it as “being human” but given that so many on the left would mock Republicans for their foibles (and there are certainly many) decency would have them be just as up in arms about President Obama’s actions.

    For the references comparing Obama to Imus, remember that Imus is a shock radio host. You expect that from him. You don’t expect this kind of behavior from the President of the United States. He must be held to a higher standard than a radio talk show host whose goal is to tick off people to gain ratings points.

    President Obama said he was going to bring people together. Insulting my son is not a way to get me to support him in any way.

    • I understand completely. I’m glad he did apologize, but you’re right that doesn’t excuse it. And as I’ve said, if a Republican were to say something like that I can’t imagine the outcry.

      And what’s so ironic about all this is that I was one of the few conservatives that were ok with his attending The Tonight Show. But then he went and blew it with his rude comments and offended a lot of people. And again, like I’ve said before, I’m not one to get offended easily, but I feel like this was over the line and struck a chord with many families across America in a negative way.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope to see you back!


    • oblogdeeoblogda

      Jason said -“thought it was OK to use the disabled as a reference point for a joke. ” Correction -Obama slipped – he made a mistake; if he apologized then he did NOT THINK it was OK.

      Also no one is comparing Obama to Imus – if you read the comments we were comparing the difference bewteen how people respond to racial slurs vs. comments about the less-abled community.

      Are heartfelt apologies not meant for those who are offended to accept them? I believe that if you had voted for Obama you may well have accepted his apology, but your politics prevent you from doing so. People are offended all the time and then they accept apologies.

      Perhaps you should look at the positive side and that is his BLUPS and apology ought to create awareness; if the President was incorrect then everyone learns that it was wrong. Hopefully the exposure will result in fewer kids will throw the “retard” slur around the way they do so much of on the plagrounds.

      • oblogdeeoblogda is a perfect example of what extends this problem. Instead of having the integrity to stand up to their political leader, they find ways to make excuses that continue to reduce my son to a punchline.

        They try to soften things to pretend that racial language is different than the language used against children like mine because to admit it has the same impact would liken Obama to Imus and others. It’s sad that people like oblogdeeoblogda are so blinded in their devotion to Obama that they would trample disabled children to promote him.

        • oblogdeeoblogda

          Jason, you are right, my acceptance of an apology extends the problem, obviated by your flippant use of the word “blind” – I think you owe all blind kids an apology!


        • I hate to intrude on your discussion, but here is my view on this:

          You can’t hold grudges forever, and he did apologize. Though that doesn’t excuse his saying that, it does serve to show that he didn’t think it was acceptable. The only other steps Obama can take at this point are a public apology, which would be nice.

          However, in Jason’s defense, I see what he means in a sense that you have to be fair. Everyone has to be held at the same standards. Meaning, if Obama gets a pass after apologizing you have to offer the same mercy to a Republican or other political figure when they mess up. I’m not making any assumptions about your positions on Bush, oblogdeeoblogda, I’m just saying.

          Thank you both for commenting and reading and making return visits!


  8. talithatwoblade

    Helicopter Ben Bernanke is swamping us with Massive Quantitative Easing….The Undertow is likely to destroy us all!

    • I don’t mean this in a rude way at all, but if you would like to promote your blog please post on the Top Sites page.

      Not only is that the right place, but it’s the most viewed page on the site. You’ll get much better publicity their.

      Thanks for posting and good luck with your blog!


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