The Chosen One Will Triumph In 2012 Against Sarah Palin

Could 2012 be the year of Paul?

Could 2012 be the year of Paul?

Or at least, that’s what the latest poll says.  How those things can predict 4 years in the future is beyond me.  But anyway, the poll shows that Barack Obama would trounce Sarah Palin in 2012 with 55% of the popular vote compared to Palin’s 35%, results that compare to Nixon’s 1972 blowout against George McGovern.  I guess the remaining 10% go to a third party candidate; could 2012 be the start of a 3 party system??  Seriously though, if I thought there was any accuracy in these numbers I’d be very concerned considering Palin is a very popular figure among Republicans.  Plus, the notion that a moderate dude like John McCain could pull in so many more votes than a true conservative is rather alarming.  However, rest easy fellow conservatives and those not aboard the Obama Train; I don’t think 2012 will look anything like this.

First of all,  that’s a long way off.  Golden Boy has just started his reign and many people are still being fed the Kool-Aid through a funnel.  Though I can’t predict the future, the way things are going I don’t see his first term ending on a high note.  I could be wrong, but we’re predicting the future here; there’s room for error.  Anyway, say that his term doesn’t go well, naturally Palin would have a much better shot.  However, if the term is a flop, I believe we will see a completely different crop of candidates come primary time.  This will make it harder for everyone, and she could end up without the nomination.  Someone like Romney could easily step in and take the spot; he did win in the CPAC poll.  This won’t necessarily end her presidential prospects, though.  She’s young and could easily try again in the future.

But then there’s the other scenario:  The term is a success.  If his first term goes well and most of his promises are fulfilled, he will be re-elected with no problem.  In this case, I think that we will see several little-known conservatives make their debut on the national scene.  In the event Obama does well, 2012 could be a big year for, say, Ron Paul to go for the nomination.  Do I think he has any chance of winning?  Negative.  Do I think he has any chance of securing the nomination in 2012?  If Obama does well, absolutely.  Of course this is all dependent on whether or not he chooses to seriously go for it.  I know the prospect of Ron Paul being the nominee in 2012 may sound a bit out there to some, but I’m being serious.  No serious candidate is going to contest Barack Obama after a successful first term.  That would be a waste of his or her resources.

So what do you think about the poll?  Will it’s results prove to be accurate in 2012?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at!  Also, you can vote in today’s “Poll of the Day” on this matter by clicking here.

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11 responses to “The Chosen One Will Triumph In 2012 Against Sarah Palin

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  2. adamsmith1922

    I really do not see why you might think Obama will win in 2012.

    Based on current performance I see him as a one term president.

    I have posted on his current ineptitude a number of times, but see here

    • I realize the title can be misleading, but I actually do not believe he will have a second term. At least, not by the looks of how things are going. I disagree with the survey’s projections, I was simply stating both sides of what could happen.

      I appreciate you reading and commenting! Hope to see you make return visits.


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  5. I know what I personally think about Obama in 2012…a big fat NO! But this guy has something spiritual and evil about him that defies logic and that draws the average non-political person to him…and even many of the political people are blinded.

    I don’t think he is inept. I think he is an evil genius. He is destroying the economy as long as he can because that gets him a free ride on his destruction of the moral fiber of our nation. When the people rise up enough he is going to pull back and talk up the economy. The media will seize this and turn consumer confidence around. And the great one will live to win another election.

    That’s the opinion from the cheap seats in March 2009.

    • I agree. He already successfully deceived the nation enough to be elected once, and I don’t doubt his ability to do it again.

      That’s definitely a possibility! He’s got the media right where he wants them, so pretty much whatever he says is fair game with them. Beyond that, I don’t think he’s got the skill to actually “fix” the economy.

      Thanks for reading and supporting The Conservative Journal! Hope to see you back.


  6. Hmmm…. Interesting article. I’m going to keep my eye on this one for sure. Great blog, keep up the good work.

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