Charlie Rangel Can’t Read His Own Writing

See the resemblence to Dracula??

See the resemblence to Dracula??

Charlie Rangel can’t seem to understand the tax code, which is excusable because most liberals can’t.  However, there’s one catch.  Charlie Rangel is in charge of the committee that writes the tax code.  You would think someone that spends his time writing and editing our million page tax code would have a pretty good handle on what is good and what is illegal, but of course that makes too much sense.  Instead, the spitting image of Dracula seems to think that rental property income is tax-exempt and the price of other properties flunctuates with the mood he’s in.  Well, it doesn’t seem to work that way for the rest of us.  Here are the details on Charlie’s latest little tax dilema:

Most know of Charlie’s tax dodging ways when it came to his rental property in the Dominican Republic.  He was just slightly confused with the fine print that he wrote, and thought that his out-of-country property was there tax-free.  Since he’s a liberal, he got a slight slap on the wrist from Queen of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and was told he could pay up if he felt so inclined.  But apparently he didn’t learn then (In his defense, I don’t know why he’d learn a lesson.  He didn’t get in trouble.), and now is cheating his own rules once again.  The latest little omition from his taxes was a house that he sold in Washington, in addition to a home that changed value three times over a few year span; going from $50,000 to $100,000, then even as high as $5oo,000.  Of course Charlie sites the changes and omition as simple mistakes that could happen to anyone.  Well he is right about that; however, if anyone else had made these so-called “mistakes” they’d be sitting in the tax-evasion dungeon underneath Charlie’s office.  How ironic.

Bottom Line

Charlie’s got to go.  And all the other tax cheats, evaders, and the loophole posse can follow him on his walk of shame.  I consider myself a forgiving person, but come on.  Whose anyone kidding that Count Rangula (Had to) wasn’t fully aware of his alleged “mistake”?  No one with a half a brain buys that bull crap.  We have got to start extending the same punishments to those with power that we common folk are faced with.  We don’t get fifty million chances to get it right; they actually expect us to *GASP* obey the law.  Something needs to be immediately done with Rangel, Geithner, and the rest of the tax-evasion crew.  How about they pay back what they owe, inluding penalties?  That’s a start.

What do you think about the tax-evaders running amok in our government?  I know, let’s all just make “mistakes” on our taxes and see if we just get a warning.  How does that sound?  Leave your comments on this below or e-mail us at

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14 responses to “Charlie Rangel Can’t Read His Own Writing

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  2. neoavatara

    Rangel is an embarrassment. The Democrats are currently protecting him, which makes it even worse. It is silly, really, because if Rangel left, his district is a safe Democratic seat. The Democrats are making the same mistake Republicans did: If someone does something wrong, don’t protect them. People should be responsible for their actions.

    • I’d compare Rangel to a cancerous tumor on the Democratic Party. But rather than cutting the tumor out, they choose to leave it hanging around because they feel like it’s “part of them”. It’s fine with me if they want to keep claiming him as one of their own. Doing so just serves to eliminate whatever credibility they have left.

      Right, there’s no need to stick up for the tumor. If he or she is causing problems, cut them off at the source! Haha sorry about the corny tumor metaphor.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad to see you back!


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  7. Doreen Riopel

    Wow…you are right. If it were someone else…we would be done for. hmmm

  8. Erika M

    Too true – we make an error and wham penalties!

  9. A P

    The most memorable moment I have from this story hitting the news was those ridiculous photos of him chilling on the beach.

  10. Stuff like this makes me feel real depressed and hopeless about politicians. Wouldn’t it be something if people in office simply did the right thing … period!

  11. sal williams

    Simple solution: Office-holding tax cheats get fined triple, get mandatory minimum year IN jail, lose both their office and their federal pensions. IRS automatically red flags all of them every year. If they are guilty of evasion, it is publicly announced at the national level. Those sorts of strictures would stop the average citizen…maybe it’ll slow the Congressional scammers down.

  12. It’s so infuriating that these guys can get away with such flagrant disregard for the laws they themselves wrote!

  13. simplydab

    I agree with Joshua. The average person gets slapped with huge fines and penalties (and sometimes jail). Rangel should be held to at minimum the same standard, although personally I think they should be held to a higher one.

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