Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of Meghan McCain’s Interview?

Meghan recently capped off an eventful two weeks with an interview with Larry King on his CNN show.  If you missed the interview, I recapped it here.

What did you think about the interview?  Vote in today’s poll to see how our readers compare to you on this topic.

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7 responses to “Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of Meghan McCain’s Interview?

  1. Leslie Fargotstein

    I was so impressed with Meghan McCain on so many levels. You can tell she is truly a good person who is making a real difference in this world. What I loved most about Meghan was her kind spirit, her confidence in herself and her beliefs and her ability to be so articulate. She chose her words carefully and spoke in a positive way. She makes me want to be a better person. May she continue to go “from strength to strength.”
    Leslie Cohen Fargotstein
    Memphis, Tn

    • I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Meghan McCain’s interview and seem to have a favorable view of her! I am not big Meghan McCain fan (I don’t think many readers of this blog are either), so I’m glad you are here to provide a different perspective on her. I hope you return often to let us know the viewpoint from those on her side!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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    • I grew up in a family of democrats, loved them, but just didn’t have the same view. LOVE Meghan, even though I’m in my late 60’s, a wife, mother, and grandmother, she reflects my beliefs as well. I can disagree with someone and love them and admire them, as she seems to do. I had family members who had to go to anger management over their attitude and frustration that I couldn’t be pulled into the ugliness of politics. They did come around and see it’s a different opinion, not a statement of hatred! Meghan is what the republican party needs right now, she is young and has a fresh attitude, I’m sure I wouldn’t agree 100% with her, I believe if people agree 100% all the time, they may not have a mind of their own. I plan to tell my grandkids about her so they can watch for her. Young, beautiful, loving, caring, and most of all she even has a mind of her own. She addressed the ugly comments about herself with humor, I think if we look we can find laughter in most situations, especially politics! I have never blogged or sent an email to someone I don’t know, I feel that strongly about Meghan and her future and influence on the young republican, and who knows, perhaps a democrat as well!

      • The majority of my immediate family is quite conservative; however, one wing of the family is hardcore liberal, so I can relate! And while I must disagree with you that she is what the Republican party needs right now, I do agree with everything else you said. I have commended her on this blog for the way she handled the uncalled for comments by Laura Ingraham, although her politics just don’t excite me. I also think she is an independent thinker that would be a great addition to a campaign to elect someone that is moderate like her father.

        I’m glad you chose to make your first out-of-family blog post with The Conservative Journal, and I hope to see you back! Thanks!


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  4. Arnold

    I am completely unimpressed with Meghan McCain. She is a rich girl trying to climb up the letter of success on her father’s back. She got mad at Laura Ingraham’s comments, but she was truly tacky about Ann Coulter. She appeared on networks that were really awful in their comments about most members of her father’s political party (including her own father).

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