Mail Bag: A Vast Array of Textual Remarks

To the elitist snob that likes to e-mail me:  Shouldnt you be eating your caviar?  Its going to sour.

To the elitist snob that likes to e-mail me: Shouldn't you be eating your caviar? It's going to sour.

Like the title?  I’m just trying to please the elitist snob that sent me an e-mail stating my vocabulary was on par with a grade schooler.  Thankfully, I don’t write this blog to try and sound like a graduate of an Ivey League school, nor do I think it’s necessary to do so.  The person who e-mailed the comment, who wished to remained unnamed, must be drawn to Obama for his use of flowery vocabulary alone, as their is zero substance to his words.  However, I wonder what said poster thought about Obama’s press conference?  It didn’t contain that many “million dollar words”.  Surely they had the same disdain?  Negative.

I will now step down from my soapbox and post some “worthy” comments from the mail box and the website.  Here are the highlights:

New reader Lisa Krempasky, whose blog can be found here, has left several entertianing comments:

On the Michael Moore WikiGate article, Lisa had this to say:

I’m more interested in the day when Moore will be known as inmate 73027963.

Even most of his looney buddies are distancing themselves from him

And on “More From the World of Meghan“, she said this about her moderateness:

Progressive republican…good one.

I’m also very glad for her depth of economic analysis in her affirmation that the president is taking the economy serious. I feel much better now.

Trust us, Lisa, we feel better too!

Neoavatara, whose blog can be found here, said this about Charlie Rangel:

Rangel is an embarrassment. The Democrats are currently protecting him, which makes it even worse. It is silly, really, because if Rangel left, his district is a safe Democratic seat. The Democrats are making the same mistake Republicans did: If someone does something wrong, don’t protect them. People should be responsible for their actions.

Neoavatara also had this to say about Barack reading this blog:

I think the problem is that Obama’s teleprompter needs to read your site…otherwise there is no way you will get an apology.

I must agree with you there.  Maybe I can go submit it to his teleprompter’s blog, which can be found here.  That blog is hilarious, by the way.

And finally, I’d like to just direct everyone to the last Mail Bag post, where a nice discussion over Barack’s “Special Olympics” gaffe is located.  It’s a great little discussion that everyone should take part in.

What do you think?  Which post by a user is your favorite?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at and you could end up on a post just like this one!

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4 responses to “Mail Bag: A Vast Array of Textual Remarks

  1. Thanks Rick. Good job on your blog! You are faithfully getting the truth out.

    We need to make sure we continue translating our anger and shock over what is going on with our government into action .

    1. Get angry.
    2. Take action.
    3. Get results.

    We don’t have to accept the exile Obama is attempting to impose on us. Go team! Go!

    • Your welcome! I appreciate the great compliment.

      That’s right. I’m definitely angry! The taking action stage is coming. But I don’t know if we will see results, unfortunately. I don’t think our government has any desire to listen to anyone to the right. They mostly just right us off as right wing nut jobs, which I very well may be. However, I will not back down! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and your continued support of The Conservative Journal!


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