Poll of the Day: Did You Watch Tuesday’s Press Conference?

Alright, admittedly this is kind of a lame question.  However, I hadn’t asked it yet so I figured I needed to.  Did you watch the press conference on Tuesday?  And be honest.  There is CERTAINLY no shame in blowing the whole thing off.  I had it on in the background and got bits and peices, but it was just a bore.  Vote in the poll below to see how many others skipped on the big event!

Thanks for participating!



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4 responses to “Poll of the Day: Did You Watch Tuesday’s Press Conference?

  1. I would love to participate in your poll. However my response is not a choice.

    Yes, threw the remote through the tv when he blamed Bush yet again. Moved to another room. Threw a shoe through the tv there when the he (who received at least $100k from AIG) went off on AIG. Basically watching him read the telepromter and respond to pre-approved questions is my contribution to stimulating the tv industry. GRRR!

    • I think I’m going to add an “Other” response where you can type in your answer because your’s is great! That way everyone can always have their choice available.

      I can’t stand it when he blames Bush. Especially when he blames the budget on him, and cites excessive spending under Bush. The boy has more than doubled Bush’s last budget defecit, but somehow it’s still Bush’s fault? I don’t understand. The fake outrage over AIG is absurd and embarrassing for them.

      His press conferences are so scripted that I feel like I could find the transcript days before they happen.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Appreciate you making return visits.


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