Video of the Day: A Tale Two Bows

I saw this over at Conservative Underground, and I thought it was just too good to pass up.  Here is a video that compares B.O.s bow to the Queen compared with his bow to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.  Which one looks more sincere to you?

What do you think?  Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that he would have rather just high-fived the Queen?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at!

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7 responses to “Video of the Day: A Tale Two Bows

  1. queentaloola

    I got an e mail stating how disrespectful he was to the office of president- simply because he bowed to an Arab? Some people are so racist- had he bowed that low to a white Queen there wouldn’t have been a problem (Oh by the way I am a white ‘queen’ too).

    • My beef isn’t the fact that he bowed low to a Muslim, I have nothing against Muslims or the King of Saudi Arabia. The whole point of the video is a comparison. There is no way you can say that his bow to the Queen was as sincere as his bow to the King. It’s not a huge deal to me either, I just enjoyed the video and thought to pass it along.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you back.


  2. I don’t make much in particular of it except that our president is so tossed in the wind he doesn’t know what is up. Maybe they have their telepromters in the floor.

    • I always enjoy your comments, Lisa. As I said above, this isn’t a terribly huge ordeal, but entertaining little clip that proves exactly what you said: Barack genuinely doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do as president.

      And that’s always a possibility! I wouldn’t surprised if it was guiding him through the whole process.

      Thanks again for commenting and making return visits. Hope to see you back!


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