Video of the Day: Awwwwkward

I saw this at Pundit Pawn, so I decided to bring it over here.  This further substantiates the fact that the Chosen One doesn’t actually form his own opinion, or know how to think for himself.  Watch what happens after a slight malfunction from his little buddy (teleprompter).


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9 responses to “Video of the Day: Awwwwkward

  1. oakvillehomes

    Enjoyed the visit to the site… I guess Obama learned the hard way that technology doesn’t always get you through.. Sometimes a paper backup can be useful.

    Keep up the good work…

    • I’m glad you liked the site. You’d think after several campaign trail flubs he’d learn to have everything physically in front of him.

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope to see you again!


  2. Al

    Interesting website. Sometimes an effective leader has to put the teleprompter away and roll up his sleeves and actually do something more than just lip-service.

    • I’m glad you like it. I have no problem with the use of teleprompter as long as the person using the teleprompter actually knows what he’s saying. The way he conducted himself during the several malfunctions he has experienced over the course of his career prove that he had no idea what he was talking about, but just reading straight off the prompter.

      Thanks for stopping by and making a return visit. Hope to see you again!


  3. izle

    it’s seems good.

    Removed link due to content not suitable for the site. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Dude, good stuff. Its this kind of stuff that pisses the obamatrons off beyond measure. They think their boy is infallible. Amazing!


    • Hey John, glad you like the video! You know what, though? The Obamatrons don’t even notice this kind of stuff. There is a forum at Conservative Underground about a guy at Democratic Underground that said this town hall left him “inspired” and “riveted” at not only the content but also with Barack’s “perfect orating skills and the way he engages audiences” (or something to that effect). I think that I would have been TOTALLY thrown off and unable to focus after that awkward pause.

      Thanks for visiting again, John. I appreciate you reading, commenting, and supporting The Conservative Journal.


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