Poll of the Day: What Do You think of Barack’s Teleprompter Reliance?

Yesterday I posted a video of Barack losing his place on the teleprompter and taking a good long pause to recoup his thoughts.  His mind was clearly somewhere else when he lost his spot, which led me to believe that he really had no idea what he was saying, but just calling words off of a prompter.  What do you think about the Golden Boy’s reliance on the teleprompter?  I personally have no problem with the use of a teleprompter, as long as the guy using it knows what he’s talking about rather than just reading off of a screen.  Vote below in today’s poll of the day!

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5 responses to “Poll of the Day: What Do You think of Barack’s Teleprompter Reliance?

  1. conservative09

    Too much teleprompter.

    • I’m almost to the point where I also think it’s too much teleprompter. I realize the benefits of having a teleprompter (ability to convey the message perfectly, etc.), but he’s got to be able to survive without one. And from what we’ve seen, he doesn’t hold up too well.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope to see you back.


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  3. I am not sure, but I think LBJ was the first president to use a teleprompter. All presidents since then have used a teleprompter.

    There were only two presidents that I remember that were brilliant speakers with or without a teleprompter. One was Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had a very unique ability to say exactly what people wanted to hear and say it in a believable manor.

    The other was Ronald Reagan. I was an 18 year old poohbutt when Reagan ran the first time and I voted for him. Reagan didn’t need no stinking teleprompter.

    With the exception of these two men, virtually all presidents including Obama were and are stammering idiots.


    • Hey John, thanks for stopping by!

      Like I’ve said numerous times, using a teleprompter for back-up to make sure you can say what you are trying to say without sounding like, as you put it, a “stammering idiot” is completely acceptable. Unfortunately, also like you said, Obama is in good company at the stammering idiots convention.

      I agree that Clinton and Reagan are the only two presidents that made it fine without a teleprompter since the start of the teleprompter age. I was very young during the Reagan years, but I remember Clinton’s quite well. Though I disagreed with everything he said, he could get his message across.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting again. I appreciate your constant support of the site. Hope you stop back by.


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