April Giveaway: Lightning Round #2

Since it’s the first night we’re doing this, let’s do it again!  We won’t usually do two in one night, but what the heck!

Same as last time: first to comment on this post gets 10 free entries in the April iPad Giveaway!



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15 responses to “April Giveaway: Lightning Round #2

  1. Terri Bru

    See how slow my computer is… that’s why I need an iPad.

  2. Lewis F

    Am I first? Let’s go!

  3. Jill Hayes

    YAY! Thanks so much!!!

  4. jenn

    i so need ten extra entries ~come to mama

  5. Sloan

    Here’s my comment I really want to win that IPAD!

  6. msPurpleMac

    I want to win…..

  7. triantafc

    hey there…!
    i honestly want an ipad!

  8. Barb Noga

    wow……didn’t get in on that.

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