April Giveaway Lightning Round #1

Leave the first comment below for 10 bonus entires in the April iPad Giveaway!



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21 responses to “April Giveaway Lightning Round #1

  1. Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks for the giveaway

  2. mrcapncaveman

    So slow I need a new computor

  3. Melissa Lawrence

    Following @2boysblue on Twitter

  4. Claudia Mcgee

    following @cdmtx65 and trying to win 🙂

  5. Jill Hayes

    Shoot! Too slow. How about 5 extra entries for the rest of us? LOL

  6. @unorderedredial

    dang i tried lol

  7. mrcapncaveman

    musta been a retweet

  8. hminnesota

    great giveaway

  9. Terri Bru

    always late…

  10. msPurpleMac

    Trying to win. Following @msPurplemac and thank you for the give away.

  11. twitter name @BessieBurnsed
    I also follow on facebook

  12. albert stanislaus

    you guys rock!


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