Poll of the Day: Whose Side Are You On: Palin or Johnston?

With the war-of-words between the Palin family and the Johnston family, of course we have to take sides!  Vote in today’s poll and see where you stand compared to other readers of The Conservative Journal.

If you missed the latest on the argument, click here.

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5 responses to “Poll of the Day: Whose Side Are You On: Palin or Johnston?

  1. julia

    You think that all this running around and interviews will help him look like a better father? hmmmmmm Someone please when interviewing him tell him to wake up and get his priorities straight. Focus on the kid- not the Mom.

    • punditpawn

      Best thing that ever happened to the kid was when Bristol tossed his dad to the curb. He’s got a chance, now.

      • I agree that the child will be better off without the constant influence the Johnstons would have; however, they do need to let Tripp (the baby) occasionally see his dad, which both sides say is happening. Levi is just complaining because he can’t take Tripp places. I wouldn’t let him either! He’d take him and jump on the next plane to Hollywood for a taping of Springer.

        Thanks for the comment! And thanks for stopping back by the site. Hope you stop back by in the future.


    • Exactly! These interviews are just causing the majority of people to view them less favorably. If you think about it, the Palins weren’t bashing the Johnstons until the Johnstons started all of this, and they started all of this over nothing. Nothing provoked this family to do all these interviews, leaving money and attention as the only reasons they would do this.

      Thanks for the comments Julia! Hope you stop back by.

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