Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of the Obama Chia Pet?

People in this country sit on pins and needles looking for something offensive.  Well, they’ve finally found the next thing to attack: The Barack Obama chia pet.  Many people are expressing outrage over the chia pet, calling it racist and distasteful.  Vote in today’s people to see how many readers of The Conservative Journal are just itching to get offended!

If you missed the ridiculous outrage about the Barack-themed chia pet, click here.

Thanks for participating!



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5 responses to “Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of the Obama Chia Pet?

  1. I think it is hilarious and just goes to show you the ridiculous obsession over this man. And the fact that he just keeps letting it go on, without asking folks to stop.(Now I know just because he asks, doesn’t mean anyone needs to stop, but it would at least show to the American people that he is not enjoying the Obsession fest…

    God Bless,

    • As I said in the other post, companies can make big money on an Obama themed item. Everyone wants to cash in on the biggest “fad” of the 21st century! Haha, but in all seriousness, I’m sure he is amused by all of the love, especially in comparison to his predecessor.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope to see you back.


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  3. Mad Bluebird

    Looks kind of rediculous but so is OBAMA

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