The Tale of the Chia Pet

Shame on the scum that made this.  Shame, shame, shame.

Shame on the scum that made this. Shame, shame, shame.

Chia pets were first introduced in 1982, and grew to become very popular collectors items during the 80s.   However, the chia pet has become a joke, landing at the top of the ‘Top 10 Worst Gifts” list several times over the past decade.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, the harmless, grass covered chia pet is at the center of what one blogger called “the biggest scandal of the Obama presidency”.  That’s right folks.  Chia pets’ mothership, Joseph Enterprises, dared to introduce the controversial, racially charged OBAMA CHIA PET.  Or at least, that’s what Walgreens and select few morons are saying.

For those that haven’t heard, the horrible Obama chia pet was released to Walgreens and was nearly immediately pulled from shelves because some viewed the chia as ‘racist’.  They cited the fact that no other president was given a chia pet, so what made them start with Obama?  Well,  here’s a proposal:  B.O. is possibly the single most hyped person in the world.  Everyone is talking about him, whether good or bad.  So naturally, Joseph Enterprises wanted to cash in on Barack’s celebrity power and save their dying chia pet brand.  Is that really so scandalous?

In all actuality, I think the people calling the pet racist are the ones that are racist.  I never in a million years would have looked at a Barack chia pet and thought “Wow, how racist is that?”.  It honestly even took me a minute to find out the ‘racism’ in it after it was pointed out.  Apparently the grass/weed (whatever it is) hair is racist?  Also, would this chia pet still had been racist if every president had a chia in their likeness?  The “racist” hair would still be present, so would everyone causing a stirr over this be doing this same in that situation?  False.  If they left Barack out of the chia line while every other president got one, then it would be racist again.  It’s really just a lose-lose for the chia pet.  And that’s a real shame.
What do you think about the chia pet conspiracy?  Did you notice the alleged racism at first glance?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at  Also, check back in and look for a poll on this subject.  Thanks for reading!



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