The Conservative Journal Seal of Approval: Barack Obama

That’s right readers, Barack Obama receives The Conservative Journals very first “Seal of Approval” distinction.  Isn’t it ironic that some one who I very rarely have anything at all positive to say about wins the first of these coveted awards?

Anyway, Barack acheived this great honor with his surprisingly quick action regarding the Somali pirates taking Captain Richard Phillips hostage.  Though Barack was not the one that actually gunned down the scallywags, he did OKAY the sniper’s “extermination” of the motley crew.  The shoot out resulted in the death of 3 of the 4 pirates, while the lone survivor suffered serious injuries and is now in custody.  It’s truly a miracle that everyone on the hijacked ship made it alive.  That should teach those swashbucklers to live us alone!

Good job Barack!  Hopefully you can do more things worthy of this honorary distinction.

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Also, at the start of this hostage situation, many of us had our doubts on what action our dear Prez would take.  Though I am pleased he got the job done quickly, a cartoon was e-mailed to me during the days of speculation, and I think it’s too clever to not post it.  This is from Dennis “Bones” Evers:

Thankfully, this wasn't the case during the weekend's events.

Thankfully, this wasn't the case during the weekend's events.

If you have any cartoons you have made, or some you think are great, please send them in!  I will be sure to post everything that I receive, as long as it’s appropriate.  Of course, I have a very broad sense of what’s appropriate, so it’s probably fine.

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3 responses to “The Conservative Journal Seal of Approval: Barack Obama

  1. Matt

    He gets a seal of approval for taking 5 days to gun down teenagers? Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday the four pirates were between 17 and 19 years old. YOU GO OBAMA! WOOHOO!

    • Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Honestly, I was surprised he did it that quickly. I was worried he was going to try and negotiate or do something less violent that could have resulted in the death of the captain. He got the award based on the fact that no one lost their lives in the incident, even though he may not have acted as quickly as everyone wanted.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope to see you back.


  2. R Hicks

    Too bad I was not nearby. I would have put a few more of the sorry pirates out of their misery

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