April Giveaway: Lightning Round #3

Same as last time: first to comment on this post gets 10 free entries in the April iPad Giveaway!

Good Luck!



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13 responses to “April Giveaway: Lightning Round #3

  1. Claudia M

    whohoo 🙂 made it @cdmtx65

  2. Kathy Luman

    I wanna win:)

  3. Michael Goldman

    Am I first for the contest?

  4. Jeff Melrose

    Bummer! So busy commenting on the Palin article that I missed this one being posted! D’oh!

  5. MissPurpleBerry

    oh no….i missed this one…

  6. Dung

    I’m bleeding! Quick, gimme an iPad!!

  7. pamela jordan

    i would love this!

  8. Wendy P. McMahan

    Ugh.. I missed being the first one to comment. Enjoyed your website.

  9. We must be on different time zones, I see this 4 hour later usually 😦

  10. Can’t wait to win that iPad 😉

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