April Giveaway: Lightning Round #4

Morning edition!  Be the first to comment and win 10 free entries in the April iPad Giveaway!


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15 responses to “April Giveaway: Lightning Round #4

  1. Jeff Melrose

    Early bird!! First!!

  2. George l

    second bird!!! 😉

  3. MissPurpleBerry

    third bird?

  4. Wendy P. McMahan

    Heee.. I just woke up and missed this again… Not an early bird person…. LOL

  5. Carolyn Barnett

    I follow on facebook as Carolyn Barnett and i follow on twitter as carolynishis.Better late than never!

  6. paula kapelski

    good afternoon 🙂

  7. laurel

    this is a great web site for Canadians and Americans i like that, it is good to be able to see other peoples opinions about politics

  8. mary r

    ty for the chance at your great give away!!
    follower and tweeter on twitter,..Mary 🙂

  9. mary r


  10. Suzanna Pickering

    happy Saturday all dreary here blah

  11. UFOoverDETROIT

    ■Follow The Conservative Journal on Twitter

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