April Giveaway: Lightning Round #5

Be the first to comment and win 10 free entries in the April iPad Giveaway!


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18 responses to “April Giveaway: Lightning Round #5

  1. Kathy Luman

    I want to win an!

  2. Mike

    Commenting is the Right thing to do! Never conservative enough in my comments

  3. mspurplemac

    I want to get the ipad! Am trying.

  4. jay

    Hope to enter the contest & win.

  5. Cathleen

    ohphooey. You posted that right after I got up from my computer. :-L Just my luck, but I’ll keep reading and trying!

  6. Jo

    Would it help me win if I said I’m a conservative?

    “I’m conservative”

  7. Deb Stewart

    IPAD – wow

  8. Benjamin Bridges

    Great site.


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