Poll of the Day: Did You Participate in a Tax Day Tea Party?

With all of the recent buzz about tax day tea parties, how many of you actually attended one?  I tried to make it to my local Tea Party, but I was too busy.  Vote in today’s poll of the day below!

Thanks for participating!



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2 responses to “Poll of the Day: Did You Participate in a Tax Day Tea Party?

  1. Mattie Gilroy

    Family of Deceased Iraq Vet & Former (R).
    Yes we at Camp LeJuene participated in the little Tea comedy day. We watched some of it on TV and laughed our asses off. What a freaking embarassing joke with a patheticly low number of your uneducated, ignorant extremist who live for every lie and propoganda the GOP feeds your comedy channel Faux Freaks Network to spew. Oh yeah…millions of people my ass. Our Commander-in-Chief has more people show up to watch his limo go by. You people disgrace our democracy, the overwhelming selection of President Obama by the people with our votes has been trashed by you nuts. You disgrace our flag and most of all every soldier and vet who has fought and died for us to be able to voice our vote for the President we wanted. Get the hell over it…you are pathetic losers who refuse to respect the American people and our choice. Shut up for God Sakes, damn!

    We also think TX should leave the Union and take Palin with them along with any of the rest of you nuts who wish to go. The sooner the freaking better. Hell, take LA, AL, MS, GA and SC with you too. We’ll all be glad to give you freaks that Paradise in the Caribbean (GITMO) so you can use it to train your armed militants with their AK-47’s they need to compensate for your tiny anatomy. You can also use Gitmo for your political prisoners (anyone who dare disagree with your crazy talk). Your Pagon High Priest Cheney can be in command with that drugged out fat ignorant bastard Limbo.

    You so called Conservatives refuse to accept the slam dunk vote and confidence we gave in electing our Commander-In-Chief so PLEASE, PLEASE gather your states, cult leaders and dickless AK-47 nuts and get the hell out! Put up or shut. At least President Bush has shown he respects our votes, the office of the Presidency and has shown enormous class. He has shown dignity and knows you nuts are destroying this country.

    Also, don’t count on numb nuts Burr from NC to carry your water after 2010. His ass is gone after what he did to Tammy Duckworth and proposing a run on the banks. He doesn’t have the brains God gave a snail.

    Please hurry up and schedule your secessions from the Union with your God, Country, American people and military haters. The GOP dislike out here has turned to pure hatred and you better shut your hate filled rhetoric or get your freaking sorry asses to the wilderness of TX & be your own country. Defend yourselves from Mexico.
    You American Hating FREAKS!

    Semper Fi

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