Video of the Day: Miss California on Gay Marriage

In case you missed Miss California speaking out against gay marriage when she was asked if the U.S. should legalize gay marriage across the board, here is the video for you to watch below.

I applaud Miss California, and if it’s any consolation, tomorrow I plan to award her with “The Conservative Journal Seal of Approval” tomorrow.  Not quite as big of a deal as “Miss USA”, but it’ll do.

What do you think of Miss USA speaking out against gay marriage?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS Feed here and sign up for the daily newsletter here.

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23 responses to “Video of the Day: Miss California on Gay Marriage

  1. Brenda Lynn

    I’m with you all the way Miss Carrie. It’s sad that some DO NOT UNDERSTAND that a marriage is between men & women. Mother & Fathers!!! NOT women & women and men & men! That doesn’t work! Gay friends can be great friends, but NOT parents. Why try & screw up our kids with their idiotic beliefs????? It doesn’twork, it will never work. We live in the United States of America where kids should have MOTHERS & FATHERS as their parents. That is a MAN & A WOMAN for their parents.

  2. Funny to me that “homosexuality” is listed with an impressive lot: Sexually imoral, adulterers, male prostitutes, theives, drunkards, slanderers, swindlers. Quite a group eh? Finally someone stood up for morality no matter the cost. Didn’t sell out for a temporary crown.

    • Yeah, and for some reason, many Christians don’t understand that. I thought she had a great answer to the question, and certainly didn’t deserve that moron Perez giving her zero points for her answer.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you make it back some time.


      • Don Long

        Hi. Nobody is going to be able to Bless Carrie as much as God in Heaven. May He open the window of Heaven and pour out His blessings on Carrie for her stand and public declaration. She may have not have won the pageant but has won so much more.

  3. Renee

    I think first of all that the Miss America pagent is not the place to try to be platforming issues like Gay Marriage. Since, Perez Hilton decided to use the pagent in such a mannor, he should have be open to an opinion on either side of the fence. I applaud Miss California for voicing her oppion truthfully. She did not do it with disrespect and I personally am tired of those who oppose things like gay marraige as being hateful and discriminoatory. We are a country that supposidly believes in Freedom of Speech, yet when someone’s opinion doesn’t agree with anothers, they are raked over the coals by the liberal left.

    • Exactly. I realize Perez is gay, but what he did on the show was no worse than someone discriminating against him for being gay. If that’s not a double standard than I don’t know what is.

      She answered the question very well, and took great care to be as polite about it is as possible.
      Personally, I don’t know why they asked Perez Hilton to be a judge; he’s a gossip blogger, so I’m willing to bet he went into the show looking for some way to boost interest in his blog and start some drama.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back by The Conservative Journal.


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  6. Maddy

    Yes Leviticus 18:22 clearly states homosexuality to be an abomination but it also promotes slavery and animal sacrifices, forbids contact with a women while she is on her period (Lev. 15:19-24), eating shellfish (Lev. 10:10), and approaching the altar with a defect in sight (Lev. 20:20). If you believe that God’s word is eternal and unchanging, why do you choose some ideals and not others?

    Miss California’s answer was far from articulate, that could be why Perez gave her such a low score. Also how is it affecting you if gay couples get married?!! Its not! Let them be happy and share the same benefits straight couples have! Everyone is entitled to LOVE, we are ALL God’s children!!

    • Hey Maddy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Many of the laws of the Old Testament were changed in the New Testament. Homosexuality is one of the few that was mentioned again in the New Testament.

      You might not have found her answer to be “articulate”, but come on. A zero? It certainly didn’t deserve that. If you read my comments on gay marriage on other articles, you’ll be surprised to find that I agree with that (that same-sex couples aren’t affecting my life in anyway.). I’ve also said on many occasions on this blog that I don’t think they should be denied benefits of a normal couple. However, I do not condone a homosexual lifestyle because of my religious standing. Miss California spoke up for her beliefs that are based on religious and family values in a time when we are moving away from that, which is why many (including myself) are so proud of her.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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  8. Philip

    Question who do I want influencing my children?
    One who demonstrated no fear in expressing her opinion despite knowing fully well it was the unpopular opinion on a show about flesh or one who took advantage of the situation to further his own political agenda?

    • Great point, Philip. Miss California was strong in her beliefs and didn’t back down even though she knew she’d be “punished” for it in the end. More people need to be like her!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to see you again.


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  10. Another "straight guy"

    Hi, Miss California was brave and I applause it, however I believe in equality, and Gay Marriage means equality, it will happen sooner or later, how this will affects your lives “straight people” I’m not certain about it, actually I don’t think it’s going to do it.
    I know some gay parents and they’re probably more normal than straight couples, the love and dedication is just unbelievable.
    Let others be happy and make their lives the best way they can, it’s hard enough to be alive in this world.
    You, “straight people”, be focus in your own little worlds and how to become better and loving parents and examples for your own kids. Teach them to love the rest of the world not to hate it.

  11. Jonathan Harrison

    Way to go Perez! You just singlehandedly set yourself up to be the poster child of IGNORANCE. You try soooo hard to justify your lifestyle that you try to pose a ridiculous question on a PAGENT contest that is TELEVISED for all the world to see. YOU asked the question! SHE answered truthfully! YOU didnt like the answer.Didnt you ever listen to EITHER/BOTH your mothers? Dont ask questions that you dont want to hear the answers to! Grow up. I applaud Mrs. California for her honesty and now I shall continue my search for her topless photo…lol!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jonathan, I appreciate your feedback.
      I completely agree that Perez showed a vast amount of ignorance with the question, and then afterward in the way that he handled to situation.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you come by again some time.


  12. George


    I think the question was a fair question. But afterall if you ask a pointed question then you should be prepared for a pointed response. And frankly she was apologetic in her response. I believe that at this point in time the inertia in this country is such that it is taboo to advocate against popular causes or lifestyles – such as gay marriage. Having said that I applaud Carrie for standing behind what she believes in and delivering it on a (inter)national stage.

    • Thanks for the great comment, George. I completely agree that he should have been prepared to take any response rather than use his own biases against her.

      Thanks again for the comment. Hope you stop by again.


  13. Jennifer

    I want to reply to Maddy’s comment about homosexuality being mentioned in the New Testament. It’s mentioned severval times that is is a sin, but she said that it doesn’t hurt anyone else and they deserve equality. First, they have equality and the same rights as a married couple through civil unions. Second, it would hurt our society because it breaks down the family. You would have Triads wanting to marry , polygamists wanting to marry, you would have those who practice beastiality wanting to marry their pets. Where would it end? Marraige was was supposed to be a covenant between a man and a woman than was ordained and blessed by God.

    • Thanks Jennifer for stopping by and leaving a great comment with new arguments on the issue. I appreciate the comment, and hopefully Maddy will make it back by to read your response!

      Once again, great comment and I appreciate you stopping by. Hope to see you again.


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