Poll of the Day: Was Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Question Fair?

In case you missed the clip you can watch it here.

I have to say that I don’t think the question was fair.  It was asked by a gay gossip blogger, who was clearly not thrilled when she said she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.  He then gave Carrie a zero for her answer, which no doubt played a large part in her losing the competition.  Do you think this is fair?  Vote below in today’s poll of the day!

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15 responses to “Poll of the Day: Was Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Question Fair?

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  2. Krista H.

    The question was a loaded question. Her only choices were clearly either to suck up to them and lie, or to lose out on the win by saying what she truely believed. It’s obvious then that the pageant personel expect and encourage their contestants to lie in order to win.

    • Exactly. I’m just glad she chose the right option in going with her beliefs. Sure she lost the competition because of it, but she’s got a lot ahead for her, I’m sure.

      Thanks for visiting the site and commenting. Hope to see you back.


    • Steve

      Frankly, it makes me sick that the media portrays her as some sort of unique individual. I applaud her for replying honestly. Its as if the sick liberals have decided that if you don’t support their sick and unnatural ways, that you are somehow in the minority and should be subject to media harrassment and scrutiny. Well they all need to get a clue. I guarantee that she is representative of the majority of America. Moreover, what happened to freedom of speech? She was the victim of prejudice and a derogatory comment by the Homo who asked the question. What has this country come to? It enrages me to think that we are all supposed to sidle up to the notion that this behavior is not only to be tolerated, but embraced. It is more than disgusting and conflicts directly with what the Bible teaches on the subject. I hope they all burn in Hell! Way to go Carrie!

  3. oblogdeeoblogda

    Whatever happened to diplomacy? I alwyas thought that pageantry winners at that level had to be diplomatic. They are supposed to represent the whole community and not to the exclusion of some of the community. That said it was a perfect opportunity for her to exemplify diplomacy and intelligence and simply say: “I am represent all facets of America, and so political commentary on such a divisive topic may not be such a good idea. I will save my answer when I run for congress!”

    See what Pereze Hilton did was give her a shot at winning and she said that (not lied!) she WOULD have won because that woule have been smart and diplomatic. Instead she was foolish enough to fall into the trap. It was less about whether she believed in ga marriage or not and more about whether she was smart enough to seize the perfect opportunity to stand out in a diplomatic way!

    • While I’m sure that answer would have been more politically correct, I’m not so sure it would have helped her out any. I’m sure Perez would have been able to infer her standing on the issue and still tanked her anyway.

      We need people that will stand up for their beliefs no matter how unpopular those beliefs may be, and that’s exactly what she did.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting again, and once again, I appreciate your being able to disagree in a polite way! Hope to see you again.


  4. James

    The question is not the issue – unless you’re inclined to think it was a useless question to put into such a contest.

    The answer & the reaction to it are the issues. The answer, no matter what it was, would be a matter of opinion. Agree or disagree, it’s an opinion and therefore there is no ‘wrong’ answer. It just depends on how much tact you might want to apply.

    My response to the same question. ‘Some states recognize gay marriage & some don’t. I believe you should obey the laws of your state.’

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion, James. It’s my understanding that Perez knew the religious status of Ms. Prejean, therefore he already had a good idea what her answer would be. That’s why I’m inclined to believe it was not fair.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


  5. D'arcy

    Unbelieveable as to how that question was even slipped into the mix. And her response? Excellant!!! Marriage IS between a man and a woman. Everything else really doesn’t count whether you are in a state that allows it or in Canada- Even if the silly laws allow it.

    Amazing how the pro-homophobia people come out of the woodworks and somehow twist what she said as “knocking” them. Give it a rest and please get a life! It could not be more clear- marriage is between a man a woman!
    Good job Carrie for standing up for this unity and not just putting up with “BS” of political correctness (boy I hate that term!). Somethings just need to be said.

    • Thanks for the comment D’arcy. I appreciate your input! I agree, political correctness is vastly overrated. If we didn’t have that bogging down day to day life we’d be much better off!

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.


  6. ES165

    Can you imagine how Carrie felt with the slime little toad Mario Lavandeira, (aka Hiton) beaming down on her with his loaded little question… licking his chops knowing he had an opportunity to manipulate the little girl from the Christian College into endorsing his agenda. Haaa she was flustered for a few seconds but realized what she had to do. Poor little toad almost had his head explode.

    • I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure she was under at that time. I’m just glad she did stand up for what she believed in in the end!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again.


  7. Mary

    I am proud that in this day and age a young woman can honestly say what she believes when she is pressed into a corner like Ms. Prejean was. This official should be asked to resign! I am proud of her and hope she becomes a success and that idiot sees that he didn’t stop her or slow her down.

  8. We should all look up to Mrs. Prejean for telling it as it is. She has a lot of class, standing up for what most of America still believes. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. ONLY!

  9. Even though it may not have been fair, she still would not have won. I don’t like her at all. I don’t understand why she thinks she deserved that crown or any other crowns. She should stay off of tv. Frankly I’m tired of watching her pull her foot out of her mouth. Find another career Carrie.

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