Video of the Day: Shep, Calm Down!

Come on Shep, let’s be reasonable.  There is no reason to be dropping the f-bomb, even if you do feel passionately about America not torturing anyone.  The clip is quite interesting, and, though I’ve only watched his show a few times, I never would have expected this from him.  Watch the clip below let us all know what you think!

EDIT: This occured on The Strategy Room, which is Fox News’ new show that can be streamed from their website.  So this didn’t occur on his show or other tv broadcast.  Thanks punditpawn for clearing that up.

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5 responses to “Video of the Day: Shep, Calm Down!

  1. punditpawn

    The clip is from the Strategy Room, not live TV. Since its only streamed over the internet, they are not going to get the FCC fine. There is a little application you can download to watch the strategy room all day from about 9:00 – 5:00 EST.

    Its pretty cool. I have emailed them live and they’ve responded on the air to some questions, so its pretty cool. They have a lot more freedom of topics since its uncensored and I think its paving the way a lot of news will be broadcast in the future.

    • Thanks for the info, I edited the main post to include those details about it’s being an internet show, rather than a live tv broadcast.

      It sounds like a cool show, though. I might have to check it out. Is Shep a regular member of the show? I hope that is the next big thing because I know I’d really enjoy it, and I’m sure it would become very popular.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stop back by!


  2. punditpawn

    A lot of the hosts like Shep, Alan Colmes, pop in to host Strategy Room every so often. They snag some major guests and even bands sometimes, too. The show started out on a card table and chairs during the election process and once viewership rose they got the professional desk and background for it so it looks like a Fox News room.

    The streaming web video also streams multiple events such as Congressional hearings, Presidential events, Fox Radio.

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