TCJ Seal of Approval: Miss California, Carrie Prejean

I am pleased to announce that California’s Carrie Prejean is the latest recipient of The Conservative Journal Seal of Approval!

Ms. Prejean spoke out with her conservative beliefs even though she knew they would be unpopular with gay judge Perez Hilton, which is something not everyone would do.  Not only does she win this award for standing up for what she believes in, but also for how she said it.  She wasn’t rude or condescending, and handled herself very well on the Miss USA stage when answering the question.  The fact that this question more than likely cost her the competition is quite upsetting, but I am still proud of Ms. Prejean for standing up for conservative values and not wavering from what she has known her whole life.  If only more people were like her!

What do you think of Miss California and her gay marriage question debacle?  Leave your comments below or send me an e-mail at  Don’t for get to sign up for the RSS Feed here and the daily newsletter here so you never miss a thing at The Conservative Journal!

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11 responses to “TCJ Seal of Approval: Miss California, Carrie Prejean

  1. Perez Hilton made an awfully quick transition from respectable pageant judge to vindictive media beast

    • I agree, though I had a negative opinion of him before this event. Unfortunately, many of his fans and followers were probably on the same wavelength as he was, in that her answer was “bad”. And I’m sure what ever negative publicity he got from this was overcome by all of the general publicity he got from it.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back by soon.


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  3. Travis

    The Conservative Journal is missing the point.

    Miss Prejean presumably entered the contest in order to win.

    Ever notice that part of the word contest is TEST. ALL the contestants were asked difficult and controversial questions to test them on whether they would answer correctly (give a pleasant and non-controversial answer) or answer incorrectly (give an actual opinion coming down on one side or the other). Miss Prejean answered wrong and was penalized for it.

    She knew the rules and was too dumb to pass the test.

    • Hey Travis, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. As I’ve said in other instances on this site, I’m not familiar with the ways of the beauty pageant. I was not under the impression that lying to be more politically correct or to please a larger audience was the main objective of Miss USA. That may very well be the case, like I said I really don’t know how it all works. Assuming you’re right and they are supposed to lie for a higher score, the fact that she stood up for what she believed anyway makes me like her even more.

      I think you are missing the point for this post. It wasn’t to complain that she lost, but to say “thanks for standing up for conservative ideals unpopular on each coast of America”.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving an opposing opinion! Hope to see you again.


    • jovanna

      she spoke in our church and said she wasn’t going to lie or fake her beliefs in order to win a stupid crown, its not worth it. she’s probably one of the very few people that actually spoke her mind in that whole pageant.
      if thats how you get through life, then good luck it doesn’t get you far..

      • Exactly, I think the fact that she made a point to stand up for her beliefs even though she knew it would cost her the competition proves how strong of a person she is. I was watching one of her interviews yesterday and she truly is a brilliant young lady. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

        Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to see you again.


  4. Prejean-Miss Hypocrite
    Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant, was correct about homosexuality! It is mortal filth
    and condemned by God’s Word…but Prejean poses semi nude and topless EXPOSING HER
    BREASTS and revealing the bottom of her buttocks…then lied about it…and then she parades
    her body around in the Miss California Pageant EXPOSING HER PARTIAL BREASTS and
    buttocks in a sexual immoral swimsuit before the world! She is 100% a HYPOCRITE and
    she does NOT represent Jesus Christ nor a Christian!!
    Jesus said it this way, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery
    with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better
    for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell.” [Mt. 5:28,29]

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  6. rachy

    As a gay person im kinda upset that she is being hated on by some of the GLBT community. She answered the question and just because its not we wanted to hear doesn’t mean that she is wrong in any way. She has her opinions just like everyone else and im glad that she was honest knowing that she would probably be ridiculed for it. Mad Props. I just wish that the gay community was as open minded as we expect everyone else to be for us.

  7. sal williams

    What great letters….Prejean would be pleased with herself, I think, to be so controversial yet have so much support. Good award for her collection.

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