Goodbye Arlen.

I know this is “No Politics Tuesday”, but it would just be disrespectful to ole Arlen to not bid him farewell.

Dear Arlen,

Don’t feel bad for switching over to the dark side.  We have no use for you here.  I’d much rather you be happy with the Dems and vote for pork and such than be infuriating us here on the right.  Next time a stimulus comes up for a vote (it’s about time for a new, don’t you think?), you can guiltlessly vote away!  We will not miss you any more than you will miss us.  Hope the weather’s nice on the left!

Thanks again for leaving,


P.S. While you’re packing up your cubicle at the Republican Headquarters, could you please encourage Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to follow you out the door?  That’d be great.

What do you think about Arlen shipping out?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at

Thanks for reading!



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3 responses to “Goodbye Arlen.

  1. Eric Rasmusson

    Hey Rick, I loved your reference to the stimulus package which i think everyone in the U.S. knows was invented by George Bush and the Republicans..oops i mean conservatives, rofl in Colorado.

    • Hey Eric, I appreciate you stopping by and dropping a comment. However, I think everyone in the U.S. knows that both George Bush and Republican do not always equal conservative. Look at the voting record for the stimulus bill; 3 Republicans voted for the package, (Man, if the Republicans “invented” the bill, they sure didn’t support it in the end!) all 3 of which are not conservative Republicans. Look at Arlen; he was a Republican, but not at all conservative. If he were conservative he wouldn’t have just switched over to the Democrats.

      Once again, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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