Carrie Prejean to Guest Host ‘Fox and Friends’

As her Miss USA gay marriage debacle finally seems to be winding down, Miss California Carrie Prejean has been offered and has accepted a spot to guest host ‘Fox and Friends’ on May 27th for the 6 AM to 7 AM time slot.  She’s subbing for 1989 Miss America, Gretchen Carlson.

I think this is certainly a great oppurtunity for Ms. Prejean.  She certainly has the talent to do a great job.  I have to say, I’m guilty of accepting the air-headed stereotype of beauty pageant girls; however, Carrie is not at all that, but very intelligent and she will do a great job on ‘Fox and Friends’.  I sucked it up and watched Hannity (He’s the only FOX News anchor I can’t handle, besides Geraldo of course.  But no one likes him.) the other day to see his interview with her and she did a great job.  She seems like a really intelligent young lady, and I’m glad this oppurtunity presented itself.  Hopefully this will lead to more for Ms. Prejean!

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3 responses to “Carrie Prejean to Guest Host ‘Fox and Friends’

  1. Gina

    Love watching Carrie, give her more shows! She’s a star…..

    • I agree. I’m sure FOX will present her with more opportunities to guest host and fill in as time goes on. I’d love for her to have a little show or something, but that’s probably a long shot. I heard Elisabeth Hasselback was supposed to be getting some type of show, so may she and Carrie could be the all conservative version of “Hannity and Colmes”!

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again.


  2. Dave

    I agree this woman was badly misused by the media, but that’ s the risk of public appearance. Her credentials certainly aren’t impressive. One semi-coherent reply to what was probably an unfair question hardly seems sufficient even for Fox. However, Fox did hit a new low last night when they championed the cause of a cold blodded terrorist. They’ve long been a propaganda organ rather than a news station. This woman no matter what her talent or beliefs is probably too good for Fox.

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