Pointless Post of the Day: Luigi Caponaro, The Healer of Italy

The Conservative Journal is now featuring a new special post every day: The Pointless Post of the Day!  The PPotD for short.  The PPotD is a post that is about absolutely nothing important.  It’s just something fun that most people will probably chose to ignore altogether.  It’s more fun for me than you, I’m sure.  Here’s our inaugural post:

In the late 16th and early 17th century, the popular healer and “medicine man” Luigi Caponaro roamed the streets of Naples and Gaeta, Italy.  Luigi officiated his medicical practice by receiving a degree in Naples, though he never formally practice medicine under his degree.  Luigi cited a fear of blood as his reasoning for not pursuing work in a clinic or other formal practice.  Luigi used the expertise he picked up from his days in med-school to give medical advice to anyone who chose to listen, often demonstrating his skills on anyone who’d give him a minute or two.

Ironically enough, the famed healer and medicine man died at 55 from cholera.

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