Poll of the Day: Who Do You Think Will Win American Idol?

Season 8 of American Idol all comes down to this night, who do you think is going to go all the way and claim this year’s American Idol crown?  Vote below in today’s poll of the day.

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4 responses to “Poll of the Day: Who Do You Think Will Win American Idol?

  1. christen

    i will not personally buy any of kris’ cds. if he wins the music business will take a plunger.
    adam will sell millions though even if he does not
    receive the title, AI…His title will be the born again King of Rock…

    • I think it’s a BIT of a stretch to say that Kris Allen’s presence in the music business will cause the entire industry to implode.
      Both are very talented artists, and I’m sure they’ll both have successful careers. I do believe though that Kris is relevant and will appeal to a wider audience and ultimately be more successful.

      Thanks for the comment! Hope to see you again.


  2. M L

    This is after the fact, but Kris Allen is an easy-going nice kid and I like his sound. I’m an ardent James Taylor fan and he has that kind of sound. That said, Adam Lambert is one of the most unique, talented people I’ve had the joy of watching. I would see him in concert, buy his CDs and enjoy him in a film.

    • I agree, Adam is certainly extremely unique and very talented. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a performer quite like him.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, hope to see you again!


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