Pointless Post of the Day: Dr. Charles R. Baxter

Dr. Charles R. Baxter was the doctor that unsuccessfully attempted to save Presiden John F. Kennedy after he was shot in Dallas, Texas.  Baxter was born in Paris, Texas, and earned his degree in medicine from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1954.  He also worked on Texas Governor John Connally, who also suffered injuries from the Dallas shooting.  After operating on Kennedy, Baxter had this to say:

As soon as we realized we had nothing medical to do, we all backed off from the man with a reverence that one has for one’s president, and we did not continue to be doctors from that point on. We became citizens again, and there were probably more tears shed in that room than in the surrounding hundred miles.

Baxter also made great advances in the care of burn victims, and played a large part in the creation of Gatorade.  Baxter died March 10, 2005 from Pneumonia at the age of 75.

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