TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail:

Apparently I’m the last one to figure this out, but that’s the norm these days.

NEWSFLASH: is not free.  In fact it costs $15 a month.  The company behind the service is now forced to alter there catchy commericals due to the recent crackdown on the credit card and credit industries.  Suppliers of these “free” services now have to inlcude “This is not the free credit report provided for by Federal law” in all tv and radio advertisements.  They must also now inform consumers that the only free credit report service is

I’ve never been in search of a credit report service, but it’s a real shame that people didn’t do further investigating when looking for a free report.  If they hadn’t been drawn in by’s catchy jingles, they could have easily found the free alternative.  So for catchy jingles, gets a thumbs up.  But for scamming consumers out of millions, two big thumbs down., The Conservative Journal honors you with the “Honorary Plaque of Fail” because you’re going to have a heck of time developing a well written jingle that includes “15 Dollar a Month credit report dot com” and “This is not the free credit report provided for by Federal law”.  Best of luck.

What do you think of this services trickery?  How long have you known about this?  Longer than I have, I assure you.  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

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  1. A P

    Wow, that’s informative. I’m pretty careful to not fall into scams, and I’m almost positive I’ve used that site before (and don’t remember actually getting charged). Anyways, thanks for passing this along. it is for me from now on.

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