I’m Back!

Sorry the break was a little longer than expected! I’m back today, though a few changes will be taking place on The Conservative Journal through the next few weeks. I seemed to have forgotten that summer months are actually my busiest time, so the daily posts that everyone thoroughly enjoy (exaggeration) will be on a “we’ll see” basis, meaning that some days you’ll get ’em, some days you won’t. Also, there won’t be as much “in depth” or insightful content over the next few weeks simply because when I do write that sort of stuff I like to do it well, and I don’t really have to time to do it as well as I’d like. I know, I’m a perfectionist. In short, the next few weeks will be more filled with entertainment stories and political snippits than usual.

I love posting on this blog and getting to know the readers, so I am going to do everything I can to keep it going during this busy time.

Thanks for reading!


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